How to Fix Error 0x800c0002 When Installing Updates in Windows Update

Surely when installing the updates that your computer system requires, you have been surprised that an error has occurred. One of the most common is the error 0x800c0002, you will learn to repair it if you read this article carefully, and as a plus you will learn more about Windows update and fix your mistakes.

What is Windows Update?

Windows Update is a service that offers Windows via Internet It consists of a module that contains the updates and other adjustments for an operating system.

This represents an ideal location to download the necessary updates, be it a critical system, internal services, security settings and any type of memory.

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User hardware is automatically detected which means that updates will be delivered whenever they are available.

Of course, if you are from the old school it will always be possible to download updates and improvements from the official Microsoft site. As long as you do it from Internet Explorer or a control ActiveX it will be OK.

In addition, this service may include in its updates some beta versions of programs that Microsoft is presenting to its users. This update process takes place every second Tuesday of the month.

In Windows 10 the “Optional” session was eliminated since it is included in the automatic updates that the operating system does.

Naturally you couldn’t remove the automated updates from Update, but that changed in version Windows 10 Pro and successors.

By May 2019, users were offered relatively greater control of updates as they would be able to disable them for a whole week. In turn, they would be able to assign a specific time in which these updates will take place. In spite of everything, it will present an error, since Windows Update keeps looking for updates

Another positive point is that thanks to the existence of a download history, users will be able to do a review if occasionally a program contains a flaw.

How to fix error 0x800c0002 when installing updates on Windows Update?

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The error 0x800c0002 It is presented in the Windows operating system when looking for an update or installing it. The solution for this problem is very simple, however there are two basic options that you can perform to solve this problem without including a more extensive process.

The first would be to restart the computer, it may sound somewhat trite, but the truth is that you option is appropriate to rule out an accidental failure of the system.

The second will be check the stability of the internet connection, because? When having an unstable connection the updates can be interrupted and generate this error.

Delete contents of the SoftwareDistribution folder

Folder SoftwareDistribution It is the one in which files are stored that will possibly be required by Windows Update for future update installations.

For this we must go to the «command prompt» as administration and in the window of CMD write the following commands: «net stop wuauserv» and «net stop bits». Each highlight you must press enter after each command you type.

This will stop the Windows Update service so that you can locate the folder that corresponds to Software Distribution. Do this by using the following path: This Computer Drive C: Windows SoftwareDistribution.

From there you can delete each of the files that are inside this folder, you will see with them the error will go away 0x800c0002 to be eliminated.

Once this is done, you will have to reactivate the Windows Update service. To do this, go back to the «Command Prompt» and in the CMD window you will place the following commands: «net start wuauserv» and «net start bits».

How to fix Windows Update crashes in Windows 10?

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It is true that although Windows update is a friendly option to catch up with updates can bring more than one failure. Thank Microsoft for providing a useful tool for these cases, the specific «Troubleshooter» for Windows Update, since none are exempt from having errors, and another common error is error 0x80070015 in Windows Update

For this you must download this software from the official Windows page and run it on the system. Once the tool is installed, click twice on the icon corresponding to it.

The pop-up window will ask where the apparent fault is located in order to fix it. If you click on «Advanced Options» you will be able to indicate automated updates.

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