How to Fix Error 0xc000007b PALADINS in Windows – Quick and Easy

In case you have problems with Paladins, keep reading because through this guide you will learn How To Fix PALADINS Error 0xc000007b In Windows – Quick And Easy.


Paladins is an excellent first-person video game with a fantasy theme that is very reminiscent of Overwatch. However, unlike the aforementioned title, Paladins is completely free and it is available on many platforms. For this reason, if you want to download the application, you can access the following Paladins download link.

With this title you will find a world of magic combined with the theme of war games or weapons. This nature gives a plus to the video game that makes it very striking. On the other hand, Paladins is characterized by offering quite a dynamic fast and frantic, so in no time you will feel bored.

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Undoubtedly the video game has many advantages and is very entertaining, but this is not why it is free from errors or problems. Given this, it is necessary to point out that the error 0xc000007b it is the most common in Paladins. Fortunately, there are methods that we can use to solve it.

How To Fix 0xc000007b PALADINS Error In Windows – Quick And Easy

In Paladins as with any other video game, errors are common, but they are not a reason to be alarmed. In fact, the error 0xc000007b in Paladins can get fixed very easily following certain steps. For this, we recommend that you read the methods through which you can solve this annoying problem.

Check your operating system

Many novice users are unaware, but there are two common types of software architecture, 32-bit and 64-bit. It is completely necessary that you know if your operating system is 32 or 64 bits. Only by knowing this information, you can be aware of whether certain applications will run on your computer.

In the case of Paladins, the error 0xc000007b may be precisely because you are trying to run a version that is not suitable for your system. It is important that you make sure that the executable of the video game is 32-bit if that is your system. In turn, if you system is 64 bit, you must also run through the appropriate application for it.

In the event that you want to run one or another version, be it the 32-bit or the 64-bit version, read the following. Go to the Launcher of 0xc000007b, now locate the configuration gear and press on it. In section «Optional command line» (Optional Game Command Line) write “-Use64” or “-Use32” for 64-bit and 32-bit respectively.

Install .NET Framework

.NET Framework It contemplates a group of libraries that are completely necessary for the correct functioning of many applications. For this reason, every time you do a format or when you have a new computer, make sure you install these libraries.

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These libraries can be downloaded for free from the official Microsoft website. You can access it through the following link to download the .NET Framework. Once on the previous website, download and install the latest version of.NET Framework. In any case, if you still get error 0xc000007b, try downloading other versions.

In the event that you install a version and it does not work, we recommend that you install it in chronological order. By chronological we mean that you should install according to the oldest to newest version. Performing a configuration in this way should not have problems.

Install or update DirectX

DirectX is an indispensable application for the operation of the videogames, which of course includes Paladins. Not having DirectX installed will cause errors to appear constantly. For this reason, if you have error 0xc000007b in Paladins, it is best to try to install the latest version of DirectX.

When doing a clean install or DirectX update, it is important that you make sure that the necessary DLLs are never missing. This will not suit you solely for Paladins, in fact, it is necessary for practically any modern video game.

Understanding the great relevance of DirectX, it is important that you keep in mind to always install it. For this reason, if you plan to buy a new computer or reinstall Windows, never forget to include DirectX.

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