How to Fix Error Codes in Google Chrome Closes on Its Own

Any computer software, communication platform, applications or browsers, are not exempt from unexpected failures. And the respective companies are as interested as you in solving them, so that in this way they do not lose their valuable users. As this cannot be a very common thing, we will show you an article that will allow you Fix error codes in Google Chrome closes itself.

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The popularity of the Google Chrome browser is worldwide and this thanks to its stability, speed and downloading add-ons.

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But this does not make it invulnerable to failures or problems that can sometimes be very serious. It is for this reason that we recommend that you be prepared, in the event that one occurs and you already know how to proceed.

We try to indicate the different problems that you may encounter when browsing the internet. And one of them we show you as well as its Possible solution in the case of error 40×80070005 in Google Chrome. Something that, as we already mentioned, is not very common to happen, but it does not hurt to be prepared.

How to fix error codes in Google Chrome closes itself

There is no doubt that one of the most annoying mistakes that Google Chrome can present is when it unexpectedly closes itself.

And this is a problem that has been present for a long time and even so in more recent versions of the browser. But fortunately this error can have more than one solution and then we will let you know.

The truth is that some of the failures that the browser could present and this generates an unexpected shutdown is due to third-party applications.

These can conflict or inject code into the browser. Another possible cause that leads to this error is the accumulation of data in the browser’s preferences folder.

What should we do to fix the error codes in Google Chrome closes itself

In the event that Google Chrome it closes by itself and this is because you have the same Plugin installed. As you already know, in order to play multimedia content through the web, you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed. But many times it turns out that we also have a plug-in of this type installed in Windows, which can be called Shockwave.

As we have already said, both plugins can be in conflict and generate this annoying error and the solution to this is very simple and we only have to deactivate one of the two Plugins.

Of course we are going to do it with the one installed in Google Chrome, to do this we are going to go to the address bar of the search engine and write chrome: // plugins.

After this, we will go to the upper right and click on the Details option. The next step is to find all the plugins that have to do with Adobe Flash or Shockwave Flash. Depending on your route, we will know if they belong to Windows or to the browser. If you find one with the following path C: \ Windows system32.

This we must leave it enabled and we are going to disable the others and then we will restart the browser and the problem that was presented to us from the beginning has been resolved.

Suppose the problem persists, then we may need to delete preferences folder to do this we must proceed as follows.

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This is similar to cache memory and allows the browser to work faster when searching for data in this folder. To delete it we must go to our user folder that is in the folder of Google Chrome.

This folder is hidden and to make it visible, you must go to folder options then choose the view tab and finally check the Hidden files box.

Now the AppData folder will be visible, enter it and then follow the path Local> Google> Chrome> User data> Default and finally choose the Preferences files folder. And delete it, this way the problem will be solved.

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