How to Fix ‘Error Submitting (# 509) Invalid Attachment id’ Problem on Facebook

Although this is one of the most famous social networks in the world, when you start to access Facebook you run some risks. These, in addition to involving the sharing of personal information, make references to possible platform errors.

All users of any application or page, should take into account that Some errors they can happen sometimes. In the case of Facebook, one of the most common is ‘error sending (# 509) Invalid attachment id’, being present on Facebook Messenger.

This happens when you want to send or attach some type of information through the chat. However, it is possible find a solution for this situation that is occurring.

Fix ‘error sending (# 509) Invalid attachment id’ problem on Facebook

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This error is usually encountered when there are Internet connection. In this case, it is possible to solve it by deactivating and re-activating the Internet of the device that is trying to send the message.

When this is done and the error continues, there is a possibility that the Facebook platform is down. For this to be fixed, it is very likely that you will have to wait for the platform to be completely fine again.

This work is part of the Facebook developers, which try to solve it in the fastest way. In case you are certain that the crash no longer exists, but the problem continues, you can clear the application cache.

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It is important to note that this option is only for mobile devices that have the Facebook Messenger application downloaded. It is possible that the case continues to be filed, which involves having to update Facebook Messenger.

If this is believed to be the case, the App Store or Play Store can be accessed and checked for pending updates. If there is no need to update, it may be necessary to reload the page or, if using a mobile device, uninstall and reinstall the application.

It is possible that, with these reasons and the solutions, the ‘error sending (# 509) Invalid attachment id’. Otherwise, a hacker or virus is the one that does not allow the fulfillment of the tasks of the device apps correspondent.

How can the ‘error sending (# 509) Invalid attachment id’ be avoided?

If the error is given by platform failures, it is impossible that it can be prevented from happening at some point. As soon as you have a Facebook account, the risks of errors can always occur at any time.

However, when it is given by a virus, hacking, lack of update or errors of the mobile device, some solutions they can help. To avoid viruses, you can resort to having antivirus in the device or computer, it is also important to avoid entering dangerous or suspicious pages.

If it is a hack, it may be due to open the account on different devices or computers. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid doing so or, failing that, change the password frequently, causing hacks to be largely avoided.

Missed updates can be resolved once the login is entered. App Store or Play Store. Many devices do updates immediately once they are available to users.

Facebook account

If it is the mobile device that has this problem, it is possible that deactivating Facebook Messenger and activating it again, solves the problem. These cases are very common when the device is old and already does not allow other application updates.

Each case may vary, but the solutions as a Facebook user are available to everyone. The case can also be presented to the Facebook Help Service, but should only be used if the problem persists for too long.

Going to the facebook developers, these and other existing errors can be fixed. In turn, account recovery, harassment blocks and even some inconvenience with the registration data can occur.

In most cases, there’s no need take the situation to these extremes; They are problems that are usually solved in a short time. It is almost always due to sudden falls of the platform, being a problem that all Facebook users at the same time.

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