How to Fix Fingerprint Detection Problems on Samsung A30 if Not Responding or Not Working

It has always been necessary for our mobile devices to be blocked, and that is because everyone likes privacy about their personal things. Therefore, it is normal to see someone blocking their cell phone with a fingerprint, trying protect your messages or personal data in case anyone wants to see something.

For this reason is that, lock options have continued to advanceMany are even eye-catching to people, such as locking and unlocking with the person’s face. Most cell phones come with this option, and among them are Samsung’s low, medium and high-end phones.

However, these are options and functions in Samsung that we must take care of because due to misuse we can spoil it and it will stop responding. If this is your case in your Samsung A30, here we will give you some tips that you can follow to solve it in a matter of hours if possible.

How to activate the fingerprint option on my Samsung A30?

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This is a feature that is easy to find when you review the features of this phone; To do this, go to the icon of «Settings”On the applications screen. Once there, look for the «Biometric data and security”, And select it to find the security options for your Samsung mobile.

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Here, you will find the option to «Face recognition» and «Fingerprints», where you will select the fingerprint to add one or more fingerprints. If you think that the fingerprint detector works slow, try improving the speed of fingerprint detection so that the unlocking process is faster.

To save what you did, you just have to select the «Done» option that appears on the screen at the bottom right, and you can still add 2 more different fingerprints as a security option. Nevertheless, sometimes this sensor may fail And if it happens to you, don’t worry because it usually happens to all these Samsung devices and it can be fixed.

How can I fix my fingerprint detection problems on my Samsung A30?

This problem could happen on some occasions without the need for the fingerprint sensor to be completely damaged; therefore, you can start by adding your footprint again. To do that, you just have to follow the steps previously given once more, when you first added the footprint.

Also, it could happen that there is something dirty on this sensor, or it could happen that it is your finger that is dirty or something wet and it does not accept it. So, it is something you should check before worrying, and try to keep it clean by wiping it, or wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching the sensor.

On the other hand, if you notice that the sensor does not respond when you place your finger, then make sure that you are placing the finger that is and is in the correct position. This is one of the main causes of not accepting it, it sounds like something that does not make sense, but it happens and you must make sure to place it as the first time.


There are times when Samsung releases a new update to its Android system; In these cases it has happened that the fingerprint sensor is affected and does not respondto. To solve this problem in this circumstance, you will not be able to do more than wait for them to update again and let it take care of itself.

As another option that we can advise you is to put your Samsung in safe mode. This you do, with a couple of very simple steps; first, you must completely turn off your mobile; then, you turn it on again by pressing the power key and volume down for seconds.

By doing this, your phone will turn on the same as always, but at the bottom left side of the screen, it will say the message safely. With this mode activated, you can test at once if the fingerprint sensor works and responds; Or you can also try the option to «Factory Restore» all the data.

If you know that the phone has been dropped heavily or that part of the sensor has got wet, and you have done the previous steps, you have an option. You can decide for quickly take the equipment to a Samsung technical center where they can fix or change the part.

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