How to Fix, Fix or Remove the ‘Commercial Use Detected’ Notice in TeamViewer

There are situations in which for some reason or another it is not possible to personally handle a computer, in terms of technical support, for example; since sometimes we are at a distance from those who need to operate these devices. For this there are programs such as TeamViewer, created in order to perform functions that facilitate the use of various electronic equipment; thus, by using TeamViewer we can solve multiple problems even from a distance.

Likewise, you can even control a PC from Android, for example, let’s take into account that the internet offers endless possibilities in software management.

Using the Teamviewer

We may have looked for how to install TeamViewer perfectly and have achieved a successful installation, in which we take advantage of the functions of this software; Among so many functions that TeamViewer has, we must highlight the main one, remote control function, which makes it so attractive to be downloaded.

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On the other hand, it should be noted that access to programs like TeamViewer brings advantages in multiple areas of our daily operations; that is, it can be used for work, student and personal purposes as well.

This remote control program over other devices brings many functionsHowever, its accessibility may be somewhat limited; That is why we must take into account which are the best free TeamViewer alternatives, to know our limitations with said software.

computer with teamviewer with commercial use detected

However, if it is in our power, and especially in our possibilities, it is best to obtain it with all its functions, to take advantage of it.

Notice ‘commercial use detected’ in Teamviewer

Either because we have downloaded software that works as a remote control to be able to turn off the computer from the mobile, or for any other purpose; there are occasions where despite having had a successful installation, notices that we consider annoying may appear.

In reference to these notices, we can find the notice of commercial use detected ‘in Teamviewer, which could cause problems in the operation of the software; this would mean that TeamViewer is constantly disconnected, for example, preventing optimal and successful use of it.

Also, the notice of commercial use detected supposes a warning that in some way it is a blockade regarding the use of the software; just as if the user’s license had expired. Similarly, this notice highlights that the free version obtained from TeamViewer is exclusively for private use, it cannot be marketed.

On the other hand, most likely this type of error is constanteven though we don’t actually have any problem regarding a commercial use of TeamViewer; The greatest need to fix the commercial use detected notice is to prevent you from disconnecting and blocking the use of it.

Fix, fix or remove the ‘commercial use detected’ notice in Teamviewer

In order to solve the problem with the notice of commercial use detected in the team viewer, we must follow the following steps:

We must first access device manager, from the Windows explorer, and we choose the option of Network adapters; usually the first adapter option that appears is selected.

person using team viewer with commercial use notice

Then we go to advanced options of its properties (by right clicking) and you must click on locally administered address; and in the bar where it says value we must write 12 characters (between letters and numbers). Entering there a MAC, to mark the option to accept and restart the equipment.

Likewise, we must remember that on some computers the locally administered address option may appear as Locally administered MAC Address; and this is easier to find since it is the only option that has a window that allows you to write inside it.

On the other hand, it is best uninstall TeamViewer that is being used, in order to reinstall it; and with the step previously carried out, prevent the notice of commercial use detected from continuing to appear, which prevents you from connecting.

As for reinstalling the software, it is important verify that the steps have been followed mentioned above, to ensure its proper functioning; Furthermore, this method to remove the commercial use detected notice works with any version after 13 of TeamViewer that we have on our computer.

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