How to Fix Format and Codec Not Supported Error on Android?

In this new opportunity we will talk to you in great detail about two very interesting multimedia players that you must download in order to Fix Format and Codec Not Supported Error on Android.

Without a doubt, the options that you will see below have a lot of downloads, because they are compatible with an immense number of audio and video file formats. We must also remind you that these players can be downloaded for your Android device completely free of charge.

You simply have to go to the Google Play Store and select the player app you want to test to Fix Format and Codec Not Supported Error on Android.

How to fix the unsupported codec and format error on Android?

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In short, the codec is a method to decode the data and is used in compressed files such as: video or audio files. As for their function, the Codecs are in charge of encoding the information so that it is stored or sent when the file is reproduced.

Currently there is a great variety of different codecs, both for audio files and for video files. Due to this variety of codecs, it is possible that at least for once we will experience errors when it comes to playing multimedia files. You can expand your knowledge of this topic by learning what it is and how you can remove or fix the codec from a video.

For example, if you have a MP4 video whose codec is H.265 and your player only supports a H.264 Codec, then it will not be possible to play the file normally on your device Android. When this happens, it is best to change the player for another that is compatible with a greater number of Codecs.

Screenshot of a video

Now we will talk to you in great detail about several interesting multimedia players that you can use to solve the format error and Codec not supported on Android.

Without a doubt, this player is one of the most famous that we can download today. It is VLC media player, the player whose icon is a distinctive traffic cone.

One of the most striking aspects of this player is that has a version for Android, which works quite well and has support for a large number of formats and codecs. Regarding its interface, we must emphasize that it is very intuitive, so it will be very easy to learn how to handle it. Also, even if you don’t have them, you can download and update VLC codecs easily.

As we open the app we can see that the files are ordered according to their format. As for the songs, these are divided according to the artist, genre and album. It even gives us the option to create our own playlist to listen to our favorite songs without having to search for them one by one. Also, it is much easier to correct errors, such as the famous video problem when VLC shows a black screen.

On the other hand, this player has the option to raise or lower the volume of the song and you can also fast-forward or rewind the video you’re watching. What are you waiting for? Run now to the Google Play Store and download the VLC player app now.

If you are not convinced by this player, you can see below one of the best alternatives to the VLC player.

MX player

This time we will talk to you about an excellent player that will allow you download and customize the subtitles of your favorite series or movies. For example, if you are an anime lover and you do not know the Japanese language well, then this player is ideal for you.

Playing musician on a mobile with headphones

It also has a very interesting option that allows us play videos in the background. In this way, either the video or the song that we are playing will not stop if we turn off the screen.

This is of great help, since it allows us to save a little battery and also we will not have to be aware of the mobile screen, we can simply leave it in a place while we do any other task.

Another very important feature of this player is that it allows us select video aspect ratio. In this way we can choose the ratio that best suits the mobile screen so that we do not miss any detail.

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