How to Fix Gmail Has Stopped Error on Android

Then we will see how to fix Gmail has stopped error on Android in an extremely simple way so that you can continue using the Google app normally.

Gmail is one of the most used emails in the world, completely free and with many interesting tricks that can make our lives easier. It is normal that those people who work or study through their mail need it all the time.

We can use Gmail wherever we want, be it a mobile device with iOS or with an Android operating system, although we can also do it from any computer with Windows, Mac or Linux from a web browser or with their corresponding applications.

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Today we are going to focus on Android and the serious problem of «Gmail has stopped”, The solution to this problem is easier than you could imagine and in a matter of a few minutes you will have everything solved to use Gmail as usual.

gmail error

Fix error: Gmail has stopped

We cannot deny that one of the most used email applications is Gmail. Google’s free email is very good quality in every sense of the word, the app for mobile devices too and you can use their plugins.

So if you have a problem with bliss app and you are from working with the mail, possibly it complicates your life a bit, since it is something of vital importance for you. It can be annoying and worst of all is not knowing why it happens. And said reason can actually be several things.

Perhaps some error that the application has, an update that was installed incorrectly or that is incompatible with our mobile, some incompatibility with another app, etc.

We’ll see How can we fix Gmail has stopped error on Android With the following tutorial, we will see all the options we have to fix this annoying problem.

fix gmail error

Gmail has stopped How to fix it?

  • The first thing you should try to do and this is something we recommend for all applications is to clear the cache. For this we are going to Settings> Applications and we look for Gmail.
  • Once you find it clear cache and data. When you enter the application again, you will have to log in again and synchronize your data. But in most cases this fixes the error.
  • In case this solution does not work for you, then we will have to do the same, but with Google Services. For this again we will Settings> Applications and we look for Google Services, clear cache and restart the device.

Once rebooted we should be able open Gmail without any problem and start using it as usual. It is highly unlikely that the problem cannot be solved in this way.

In case it is not feasible to find the solution to the error as we mentioned above. You should think, when did this error start to appear? Maybe after installing an app? After any update? From that moment is when we have to carefully analyze what we have done with our mobile to find the problem and a possible solution the same.

Remember that if you have any questions about Gmail it has stopped or you could not solve your problem with the tutorial that we leave you above. You can leave it a little lower in the comments section and we will be happy to help you in everything that is necessary so that your Gmail back to work as usual on your Android device.

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