How to Fix Google Play Mandatory Authentication Error? (Example)

The Play Store a wonderful store created by the industry giant to make our life easier. It is perfect in many ways but it also sins and you have its mistakes. For the latter, today you will learn how to solve the Google Play mandatory authentication error.

Many people in the world have presented this annoying error, which does not allow them to use the store as they want. Less than half know how to solve it, so if you are from that wayward group, welcome to your Valhalla.

What is the Play Store?

To beat bugs, it’s good a bit of context before diving into how to fix the bug. mandatory Google Play authentication. In this way, you can even retrieve the gift card code from the Google Play Store.

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In short, it is a distributor of digital content, for devices that have an Android operating system installed. Likewise, there are also other better alternatives to the Play Store to download applications; however, they are only extreme cases.

This platform allows you to download not only applications, but books, music and even buy other devices such as Nexus, Chromebook, among others.

These applications and products are free and paid, and can be purchased through different payment methods, the best known are gift cards.

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Finally, it should be noted that its interface is extremely comfortable, which is very intuitive when it comes to organizing our preferences. Also has specific buttons that allow you to perform the desired actions.

Fix Google Play Mandatory Authentication Error

Now if already with context it is time to solve the problem. The first thing you should know is that Google does not bother you for pleasure, the main objective of authentication is to increase the security of your account.

For this reason, do not bother with Google when the error appears, since it can be caused by many reasons among many.

A bad internet connection, or a problem with an app like google talk. To solve the Google Play mandatory authentication error, there are several tricks that work, the first of all would be: Remove your Google account.

That is, you have to remove your account from the Play Store and delete the data that you have saved from it on your phone, so that when you enter it again in the Play Store it will be like new.

First, you must log in to the Play Store with your Google account and go to the section «Settings«, Then scroll down until you find the option called»Accounts«, Go to»Google accounts”, Find the account of the error and remove it, then restart the mobile and when you re-enter, enter your account again and you’re done.

Clear application data

The second trick is even simpler, you just have to delete the data from the Google Play Store application, for this go back to «Settings«On your phone, then select»Applications«As an option, look for the application in question and press it, when it is inside you will see the»Storage» enters.

Right here you will see the option you are looking for called «Delete data»With this, everything including the saved accounts will be deleted and you will be able to re-enter them.

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Stop updating

Finally and as a more severe option you can also choose not to update the Play Store, this because there are many updates that can cause a conflict reflecting the error in question.

To not update more you just have to go to «Settings«, After there to»Applications”And then to the Google Play Store, once inside you will see a button called «Uninstall updates», press it and your store will return to its original state. With this you should be able to solve the Google Play mandatory authentication error, and again go back to your routine to download and delete App every day.

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