How to Fix Internet Connection Problem on Google Play? (Example)

The Google Play Store, is one of the best virtual stores. It is the one that provides all kinds of content to Android users, such as applications and movies, becoming essential for online life. But, not everything is perfect, and sometimes the best ones fail, so today you will learn to solve the problem. internet connection problem on Google Play.

Not all that glitters is gold is applied very well in this case, although the Play Store interface is very good, it is not excluded from making the odd mistake, and one of those is the fact that the connection just when downloading an APP or even worse, never starting to download in the first place.

However, not everything is the fault of the application, but also of network failures, making it necessary to measure the speed of the internet connection to know if that is the problem.

Fix internet connection problem on Google Play

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Straight to the point, the first thing you need to know to remove or fix This annoying error (which happens to many users in the world), is that there are four options with which you can remedy the problem.

But before getting to these and to give you a bit of context, you should know that the error can be caused by: A location restriction, that is, the application is not available in your area (if that is the case there is no remedy) , also due to lack of WIFI or mobile data.

Similarly, by Proxy and VPN problems or simply by an overload in the store (a cache error in the data of the same). Therefore, it is necessary to know the differences between Proxy and VPN to work better.

troubleshoot google play

Taking this into account the first solution would be: How to clear cache of all applications in Android, to achieve this you must go to «Setting» on the phone, then go to the icon that identifies the «Applications”, From there slide down until you find «Google Play Store» specifically, within the list.

Press it and once inside press the button that allows you to force the application to stop working and then to «Clear cache», if you keep throwing the error, you must uninstall all updates from the Play Store (the button that allows this, is in this section), and if that does not work, uninstall completely.

Then just install it again and voila, this should be able to fix the internet connection problem on Google Play, and if not continue reading.

Other options

In the event that you have not been able to solve the internet connection problem in Google Play with the above, there are still three other solutions as you had previously read.

The first would be to check the date and time, since sometimes this nonsense can cause problems with downloads, for this you must go to «Setting» then «general”, Then until «Date and Time» and here select the option «Automatic date and time.»

If this does not remedy anything, then go to the next one, which would be to check the connection options, since it may be the Proxy that is failing.

connection failure to play store

Go back to «Setting«, But this time from here select the section of»Networking«, after in «Connections and networks», once here remove the VPNs and configure them again (if you are on a corporate network you cannot do this).

And finally, if none of the above works, then you have to make a much more drastic decision, restore from the factory. If you have a backup and are willing to do so, you should first go to “Setting«, Then to»general”And from that point select the section «Backup and Restore».

Choose the option of «Factory data reset» and your phone will return to the state it was when you bought it, this should of course solve the internet connection problem on Google Play.

And with that last one, it has become more than clear how to solve your problems with Google, if this problem is causing you a headache, try one by one until finally everything returns to normal and you can use the store again.

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