How to Fix «My iPhone Apps Won’t Download or Update» – Solution

Users of Apple iPhone devices know perfectly how simple and easy it is to download or upgrade an application from the Apple virtual store. But this does not seem to be a very easy procedure to perform sometimes and when you try to do this step, a problem arises. And to teach you how to solve it, we will show you how to fix my iPhone apps won’t download or update- Solution.

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In order to find a solution to this failure, you can apply various methods. Since some internal process in the operating system iOS, it is blocking the download and update. But if you try one of the tips that we bring you today, you will surely be able to solve this problem.

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Apple allows us to apply different methods to solve problems before calling for service. We have already seen that it is possible to repair our mobile devices without having to take extreme measures. Unless another solution is not possible and you can for example try to update the applications from a PC with iTunes.

How to fix apps on my iPhone

We are going to indicate the first trick or method that you must perform so that you can fix My iPhone apps are not downloading or updating. And this is, check the internet connection and Apple ID, this is an essential requirement if you want to download or update an application. You must have a data or Wi-Fi connection.

You must verify that the option Use mobile data is activated and on this same screen you can see if you are logged in to your Apple ID. Another option that you can check is that you do not have the restrictions activated. To verify this, you go to Settings, then General and finally select the Restrictions option.

Here you must find if the restriction to Install App is activated if so you must deactivate it immediately, this is what is causing the present failure. If this option is disabled and the problem persists, then try with close and log in again on the App Store. This, although it may seem silly and simple, sometimes repairs this fault.

To do this go to Settings, then look for the iTunes option and then App Store, here search and select Apple ID and finally choose Sign out. Now the next step is to start the session again, for this we click on Apple ID. Next is Login and you must enter your credentials.

Other solutions to fix my iPhone apps won’t download or update

There is another cause that does not allow you to download or update applications on your mobile and is the lack of storage space.

So that you can verify this, you must go to Settings, then look for the General option and then iPhone Storage. If you do not have enough space, you will have to delete another application to be able to install a new one or update it.

If you have an App that you don’t want to update, try deleting this app and reinstalling it. But remember that if it is a game and it does not sync from the cloud, you will lose your progress. Another option that may work is by clearing the App Store Cache, to do this you must do the following.

Enter the App Store and then press any button on the bottom bar 10 times, after doing this correctly. The App will restart and then show you the main screen, this should solve the problem, if not, you can try the following.

You must restart the iPhone and update it, to do this press the side button, until the shutdown notice is displayed and confirm it.

When it turns off, press the side button again until it turns on. If this does not solve you will have to apply a drastic method and that is to restore the iPhone to the factory.

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We recommend this last method as an extreme measure before contacting Apple support. And so in this way we finish this tutorial that will show you how to fix My iPhone apps won’t download or update- Solution.

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