How to fix my laptop mouse if the buttons don’t work? (Example)

It often happens that you are working with your laptop, also known as laptop, recently acquired or used, but in good condition and, overnight, the mouse or touchpad stops working. Do not be alarmed, it could be something slight, here we show you how to fix the laptop mouse when it stops working.

The mouse or mouse is a peripheral device that is built into the laptop, and is usually located in a box at the bottom of the keyboard. It also has two buttons, right and left, which fulfill the same function as in traditional mice.

If you wish, you also have the possibility to change and configure the use of the buttons and thus be able to access additional functions.

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This device is of extraordinary versatility, and helps you to operate your equipment in places or places where a traditional mouse would make the work extremely cumbersome.

What to do, it got damaged, what do I do to fix the laptop mouse?

Relax, do not panic. It may not be necessary to run desperately to the trusted technician to find out what happens to the mouse or touchpad when it stops working, resulting in bleeding from the pocket.

On many occasions when the mouse stops operating, what happens is that, accidentally, we press the function key that deactivates the device and blocks it.

It may be that, due to carelessness, without realizing it, or when there are children in the house who tend to mess with the computers, the button that locks the mouse is activated. In general, this function operates when we press the key. «Fn», located on the keyboard at the bottom left, and one of the arrow keys «Fx» F1 through F12, located in a row across the top of the keyboard.

How to fix my laptop mouse if the buttons don't work

This function is almost always activated by the laptop user when he is working with a traditional mouse, and you want the touchpad not to accidentally or carelessly interfere with your work. So what can be done to fix the laptop mouse.

So the first thing to do is to rule out that we have not mistakenly deactivated the mouse, which, as noted, is activated and deactivated by generally pressing two buttons on the keyboard: «Fn» and some of the Fx ”.

A trick that can work for you to work with the touchpad is to simulate the middle button of the mouse on the laptop’s touchpad.

Rule out other possible causes

If despite doing the indicated, the problem persists, then you have to go in the configuration of the laptop to advanced functions. Here you will find all the information about the device.

From this block you can access to restart the laptop and return it to its original factory settings. The process is extremely simple, just by clicking on the values ​​section in «setting». A window is displayed where you will get, in the lower right, the option to «Predefined».

Another solution to fix the laptop mouse is to go to the installed applications block in the administration menu. From here you can disable Synaptics Pointing operator and supplement it with a more advanced one.

In the case of HP brand laptops they have a built-in LED light, which turns on when the touchpad is deactivated. Generally, this happens when you double-click on an add-on that accompanies the peripheral at the top. If this happens, you just have to double click on this device and lito, you activate the mouse again.

How to fix my laptop mouse if the buttons don't work

Summary of the steps to activate the touchpad

  • Restart the system. If the fault persists, place the function key on the keyboard «Fn», you get it in the lower left corner.
  • As a second step, discover on the keyboard the key «Fx» that complements the function to activate or deactivate the mouse. The keys «Fx» are located in a row of the «F1» to «F12» at the top of the keyboard.
  • To activate or deactivate the mouse or mouse, you must hold down these two keys at the same time. In this way we show you how to fix the laptop mouse without having to run to the nearest technician.

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