How to Fix Netflix Error UI Code 800 3 on Smart TV? (Example)

You might meet him UI-800-3 error in Netflix if you use this platform on your Smart TV or with the nw-2-5 error on another device, but don’t worry, it is usually a lack of update in the data stored on your device. In this sense, finding the solution is much easier than it seems, although you will surely have to try several methods before finding the one that really fixes your situation.

Restart your Smart TV and fix the error UI-800-3 on Netflix

One of the first solutions you can try to combat the UI-800-3 error on Netflix is restart your smart tv, a procedure that is quite simple to complete as follows.

First, you have to disconnect your Smart TV from the power supply for a time of no less than 1 minute, then, even with the device disconnected, you must press and hold the button intended to turn it on for about 5 seconds, this will download it.

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In case your TV does not have a button to turn it on or you do not have access to it, you will have to leave the unit unplugged for more than 3 minutes, so that it simulates the download effect you need. Now, after that time has passed or the first option has been made, you must connect the Smart TV again and continue turning it on. Finally, go back to Netflix and check if the error has disappeared, if not, click here if you have other problems.

When your Smart TV is Samsung

When the UI-800-3 error on Netflix occurs on a Samsung brand Smart TV, you may have to do to solve it is to restart the Smart Hub, for which you must contact the company to obtain the relevant assistance . If by doing so and following their instructions you cannot get around the problem, then you can go ahead and apply some other method of which you will find in detail here, until you find the best one for you.

Sign out of Netflix

Another way in which the UI-800-3 error on Netflix can be solved, when it occurs on a Smart TV, is by logging out of said application. And you can do this from the error screen. In this, you must click on «More details» or «More information«If you do not see this option, you must scroll up and click on the gear icon or» Settings «.

netflix screen error

After this, you will have three ways to proceed, the first is by selecting the option «Reset» but, if you cannot locate it, you will have to click on «Close session» or the one that indicates «Deactivate», all according to your case. Once you have found the available choice and the session is closed satisfactorily, you can try to enter your Netflix account, just like you do regularly.

Completely restart your home network

In this procedure you must pay attention and make sure that all the devices on your home network are disconnected in parallel, for at least 30 seconds, before connecting them one by one. The first step is to unplug or turn off your smart TV, as well as disconnect the modem together with the wireless router from the electrical connection during the time already established.

After 30 seconds you can connect the devices again and you must wait for all the lights that indicate their operation to turn on correctly or stop flashing (as the case may be), then turn on your TV and enter the platform.

Don’t use the wireless router

If you have tried the above technique and are still seeing the UI-800-3 error, try connecting your Smart TV directly to the modem. Start by turning off your television and then connecting it to the set with an Ethernet cable.

blue light netfliz charging

Now, you have to disconnect the modem from the electrical current for the already known 30 seconds and connect it again, waiting for your lights resume their usual presentation. Use your Smart TV and access Netflix, if the code error has not been solved, click here to solve it, surely the problem is occurring in the router, so you can find a fix for it.

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