How to Fix ‘no Action’ and ‘Codec Decode’ Error When Exporting a Video in Kinemaster

Kinemaster is possibly one of the best programs to make videos with photos and music on mobile devices. Even so, it is not without problems, today we will teach you how to fix ‘no action’ and ‘codec decode’ error when exporting a video in Kinemaster, one of the most common failures of the app.

What is Kinemaster?

The world of video editing is becoming more and more popular, mainly because so many people are entirely dedicated to video editing. content production. Most of the time the user accesses more powerful computers or systems to edit their content, but there are optional options on mobile devices.

Kinemaster is an alternative if you have the need to edit a video on your mobile. Indeed, it is a powerful video editor for mobile devices, available for both Android and IOS.

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The application is exceptional, allowing actions as varied as making a video with a clone effect on Android and many other editions, and then exporting all the content and sharing it later. In any case, some errors like ‘no action’ and ‘codec decode’ errors are common, but can be solved very easily.

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Eliminate ‘no action’ and ‘codec decode’ error when exporting a video with Kinemaster

The following are some of the methods by which the problem is usually solved. ‘no action’ or ‘codec decode’ problem when you export a video in Kinemaster.

Update the application to the latest version

Kinemaster like all mobile application is constantly updatedIn addition, video editors must adapt to new modes and aspects of editing. In any case, not everything is specifically related to improvements, because problems are also solved.

For this reason if you have errors like ‘no action’ and ‘codec decode’ when exporting a video, possibly a simple update will fix the problem.

Updating is simple, just go to the Play Store, click on the three horizontal lines located above and to the left and go to «My Apps and games». Here search for the Kinemaster application and check if the option appears «To update».

If the «Update» button is displayed, just click on it and wait for the update to take place, this many times eliminates errors in Kinemaster. For this reason, always be aware of having the system and the App updated.

Avoid using your mobile when making an export

The ‘no action’ and ‘codec decode’ errors when exporting a video are not very common, but are usually due to basic causes. One of the causes of these errors is that you are using your mobile phone in video applications when exporting. Please note that video encoders do use of computer hardware.

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Using video player applications while exporting in Kinemaster can cause the above-mentioned errors. Therefore, be patient and wait until the video is finished exporting before using the mobile.

Restart the phone

Sometimes certain background processes or a momentary glitch in Kinemaster is capable of generating the ‘no action’ and ‘codec decode’ errors. Believe it or not, a simple restart is able to solve these annoying problems.

For this reason, if you have errors when exporting a video in Kinemaster, the first thing you should try is restart mobile device.

Verify that you have space on your mobile

If for some reason when you export the space on your mobile phone changes, that is, it becomes insufficient to save the video file, problems will surely arise. The solution for this again is to wait until the export of the video you edited is finished.

Remember that Kinemaster is one of the best tools to make an animated outro for a YouTube channel or to make videos with Chroma Key special effects on Android. By solving the error ‘no action’ ‘codec decode’, you will be able to use the App without ups and downs at the time of export your videos.

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