How to Fix Nvram Warning Error: err = 0x01 and 0x10 on Android Devices

A very common mistake among users who opt for Android devices is the NVRAM WARNING Err = 0x01 and 0x10. It occurs among those users who still choose to install roms of their choice on their devices quite frequently.

To know how to solve this error on Android mobile devices, there are several methods to consider to do it quickly. The procedure in general is very simple and it is not an error that is characterized by causing damage to the system.

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Why do I get NVRAM WARNING Err = 0x01 and 0x10 error on Android?

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As already mentioned, this error is generated when the user has installed a rom on your Android mobile device. For those of you who don’t know, roms become part of the operating system that allows Android to boot normally.

Android is a free software operating system that its users with experience in the world of development love. And for those who want enhance the capabilities of your device, update the Android system, among other factors to consider.

This also allows you to keep Androids mobile devices updated to their latest version for a certain time, when the manufacturer does not offer support. It is a good option to consider if you are willing to learn a little more about Android as an operating system and be able to repair these computers.

Before fixing NVRAM WARNING error Err = 0x01 and 0x10 on Android devices

The main thing to take into account before proceeding to solve this error NVRAM WARNING: Err = 0x10 is basic. We should only have access to ROOT permissions that give full management of the functions of the Android system on the mobile.

Enabling Android ROOT permissions with iRoot is one of the easiest and simplest methods to use to get started with troubleshooting the error.

Fix NVRAM WARNING Err = 0x01 and 0x10 error on Android devices

This error is not recorded., failing that, it is considered annoying because it appears between the Wi-Fi networks of the mobile device. Another problem that this error can throw up is preventing the user from successfully connecting to a new Wi-Fi network.

The main thing to start with will be to download and correctly install the MTK NVRAM 0x10 FIX application on our Android mobile device. Its only function will be to solve the error NVRAM WARNING Err = 0x01 and 0x10 in a totally efficient and fast way.

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Steps to follow

Once the application is installed, it will open to start the procedure. When the “FIX IT!” Button appears we will press it.

Must grant root permissions corresponding so that the application can run correctly. Previously we should already have control over the same permissions.

3. The message «NVRAM Error fixed successfully. You have to reboot to apply the changes» should be visible. There will also be a «REBOOT» button with which we can restart the phone.

4. After the mobile device restarts, all you have to do is go back to Settings and enter the management of Wi-Fi networks. At this point and if everything was done correctly, the error NVRAM WARNING Err = 0x01 and 0x10 will not be there.

If the error still appears, it is recommended to press it as a Wi-Fi network and click on the option “forget this network”. It is very easy to undo this error and as you can see, it does not harm any of the functions of the mobile device.

It is not recommended to directly restore the factory settings of any Android device to correct these kinds of errors immediately.

Something to take into account is that this error is common in devices with an MTK processor if they modify the rom. Hence the importance of seeing and knowing the technical characteristics of our cell phone.

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