How to Fix or Fix Error Code 491 and 495 in Play Store (Example)

If you have a device with Android operating system You probably use the Play Store often to download your apps and games. In this repository you can find a large number of applications for your device and with total security avoiding malicious apps, but sometimes it may present errors that do not allow downloads. Next, we will explain how to fix error code 491 and 495 in the Play Store.

What are Play Store error codes 491 and 495?

The error codes 491 and 495 identify various problems with the application that prevent it from downloading and installing the apps we request on the device.

In the case of code 491, the cause is usually an error in the Account settings Google associated with the Play Store and Google Play Services. Although it can also sometimes occur due to download failures or lack of space on the device.

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On the other hand, error 495 also prevents the download and installation of applications or games and is usually due to communication problems with the server. It may also be due to a problem during the download and the installation package is corrupted, so you can try restarting the download.

One of the first steps you can take when errors occur is to check if you have the latest update from the Play Store. But, in case the errors keep happening to you, know the best solutions below.

Solutions for Play Store Error Code 491 and 495

To fix both errors from the Play Store there are two methods which usually solve the problem quickly. Follow the steps that we explain below and you will see how your application store works perfectly again.

Clear cache and data

A malfunction in the Play Store application can be easily resolved if we empty the data stored by the application to open more quickly. And also, restarting the application so that it starts as for the first time, is usually the best way to avoid more errors, for this:

  1. Go to «Configuration» or «Settings» in the main menu of your device.
  2. Select the «Applications» option from the menu where you will see a list of the applications installed on your device.
  3. Find «Google Play Store» in the list and click on it.
  4. Within the next screen, select «Storage» and then press the button «Clear cache».
  5. Finally, press the button «Delete data».

The steps to clear the cache and data of the application may vary from one device to another or depending on the version of your Android, but in most they are very similar. After following the steps, start the Play Store again and verify that the error has been solved.

Delete the Google account

As many times the problem is that the application does not recognize the Google account or there has been a failure in the verification of the credentials, the next solution is to delete and configure your Google account again.

  1. Select the app «Configuration» or «Settings» in the main menu of your device.
  2. Choose the «Accounts» option and select the Google account that you have configured.
  3. On the next screen, press the button «Remove account».
  4. Restart your device.

delete data from play store

When your device turns on again after removing your Google account, you must enter the section again «Accounts» from «Settings» and add your Google account again.

You can use the same one that you had removed, the important thing is that the connectivity between the Google account and the Play Store is restored correctly. Then go to Play Store and you will see how you can download your applications and games normally.

Another solution that can put an end to Play Store error codes 491 and 495, has to do with Google Play Services. As these two applications are related to each other, if there is a problem with Google Play Services this may be affecting the operation of the Play Store.

So you can check if Google Play Services is up to date or clear the cache and data of this application by following the steps shown above but now for Google Play Services.

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