How to Fix PS3, PS4, PSN, PS VITA, PSP Error Codes

When we deal with electronics devices smart, at some point we will end up having a mistake. It is something routine, in computers and mobile devices there are all kinds of errors that can occur.

Certainly, there are errors that are not a big deal, as well as others that can be catastrophic, such as a blue screen on a computer. But we should not worry about «SD memory could not be read» errors on a phone. mobile.

Likewise, these errors are also translated to the game consoles. video game. Suddenly a disk is not completely clean and therefore cannot be read, or a saved game may be corrupted.

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But, as with computers and mobile devices, you have to be on your guard against errors that can show up on a console, as is the case with Sony products with PlayStation.

Sony video game consoles are not without bugs. Really, you can have all kinds of mistakes. Since the PS3, and many of the games receive updates and all kinds of downloads, it is possible to have errors for different reasons. As well as in the software updates that you can make to your PS4.

Either because the firmware is not current, or because there are simply bugs with a particular game. It is not something routine, but in case of an error, you always have to be alert to be able to help the whole problem as soon as possible and thus continue playing as if nothing had happened.

For this reason, see below everything you need to know to be able to fix the errors in your consoles PS3, PS4, PSN, PS VITA and PSP.

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Errors in Sony consoles

Although at first the errors that the consoles could give us were limited to reading errors with the disk or that a save in a game had been lost or corrupted, with the arrival of the Internet and the updates since the PS3 generation Things have changed a lot.

Errors can compete with those present in a computer. Now not only disk errors can occur, but also memory errors, with downloads, updates and even with the connection.

This is something that will happen as long as you do not have the console or your games properly updated. Nevertheless, PlayStation has been able to provide a service through which it allows you to solve the errors yourself.

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Fixing your errors on your PS3, PS4, PSN, PS VITA or PSP

Just think about it. When we talk about Sony consoles, a lot comes to mind. So if we mention all the errors that can occur in a console of this type, we can really fall short.

So if you are looking for a list, PlayStation has everything you need. Because, although you can search for a particular bug online and see what you can find, PlayStation It has a summary of all the errors that may appear and what you should do to solve them. To get to this, you have to do the following:

  • First, go to the main PlayStation page. With a quick search in your browser you will find it.
  • Once you are in the official PlayStation portal, you will have to click on the top option that says “Help”. Other options will be displayed here, so click on the «Help and technical service”.
  • Now, you will see different options in screen. Most talk about common errors that happen with the PlayStation network and others. But, you will see that there is a search bar. Here enter the error code that you have obtained in your console PS3, PS4, PSN, PS VITA or PSP.

· When you find the error, click on it and you will see a list of possible solutions to the error, as well as how to contact PlayStation support to solve it.

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