How to Fix Stopped Sounding Headphones? – Step by Step Guide

Headphones are accessories that allow us to listen to the audio of our electronic devices, even the best Gaming headphones exist. Its main function is to make the experience of listening to sounds much more personal.

Basically, they are elements capable of transmitting electrical signals from our devices to our ears. That by means of its design allows us to place small speakers or horns in our ears that transform these signals into audio waves.

They are ideal to use on a walk or doing a task, since they motivate us and in turn this allows great mobility, being possible even to connect headphones such as Airpods to Apple Watch. If we want to escape a bit, isolate the external sound or simply enjoy a song in a more intimate way, using headphones is the most recommended.

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The most common hearing aid designs are made up of connectors that are inserted into our devices and by means of a cable they are connected to the speakers. This design, although very practical, has a number of drawbacks.

How to fix headphones that have stopped ringing?

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It is common for our headphones to deteriorate over time to the point of stopping working. By having such a delicate design it is very easy for them to be ruined or simply exhausted their useful life.

Among the most common reasons that our headphones are ruined, we find: that having a cable so fragile if a unnecessary stress it is possible that break the strands that compose it, so that today it is increasingly common to connect headphones by Bluetooth and without cables.

If care is not taken when storing it, the cable is likely to become tangled or break and consequently spoil. Another common way that hearing aids are ruined is when they are unplugged.

If the cord is grasped in a rough way instead of disconnect taking care of the connector it is likely to be damaged. Causing them to stop working completely or only one of the speakers to sound.

The best way to extend shelf life of our hearing aids is treat them with care, do not apply unnecessary tension and store them in places where they are not in danger of becoming entangled. In this way we can continue to enjoy them without problems.

On the other hand, in the case of wanting to rescue some hearing aids that stopped working, there is a very easy way to repair them. Therefore in this article we will learn the steps that must be followed to fix them in a proper way.

Steps to fix headphones that have stopped ringing

The most common way that our headphones stop sounding is because the connector that is inserted into the device (Mini Jack) has deteriorated. Or the part where the cable meets the connector broke.

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If this is our case, the first thing we should do is get a working Mini Jack connector. We can recycle this connector using an old headset or buying one in an electronics store, they are usually very cheap.

The next step is to take the headphones that we are going to repair, with a scissors we cut the part where the connector is together with the cable that is damaged. Leaving only the speakers with the cable that is still in good condition.

Now we take the end of the cable that we have just cut and with some small tweezers we strip about three centimeters of cable. We remove the enamel that covers it until the three filaments that the cable brings are exposed.

In the event that our hearing aids bring four internal filaments, we take the two gray cables and we join them in the form of a braid. Then we take the mini Jack connector that we bought and remove the thread that it brings.

We can see that it has three connectors. In each of these connectors we will place each of the cables that we previously stripped. If we have soldering iron we solder these cables a little to make them more secure, ready in this way we have successfully fixed our headphones.

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