How to Fix Streaks with Horizontal or Vertical Lines in Prints

The problem or error the printer is not activated in Windows is not the only one that can occur, in fact, there are many, such as printing failures. Given this, it is recommended that you read this guide with which you will learn how to fix horizontal or vertical line streaks in prints.

The horizontal stripes and lines on the tape

In most cases, printing failures will appear with vertical or horizontal stripes or lines. Let us then analyze the characteristics of each of these problems.

Horizontal lines

When it appears in horizontal lines, the causes can be varied, although commonly one of them is related to cartridge or toner problems. In any case, it is necessary to analyze how the lines are presented, if those are uniform, a simple cleaning could be the solution.

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However, if these are irregular, the problem could be the cartridge that is already failing. In this case the only solution is to replace the toner / cartridge, but before buying one, it is important that you know how to identify if a printer cartridge is original or fake.

Vertical lines

Vertical stripes often denote a problem with your printer’s cartridges or toner. The best thing would be to remove it and check if it was not leaking ink or another similar problem. If you see that this is the case, you may find yourself in need of replace it with a new one.

printer problems horizontal vertical lines

In any case, if you don’t want to resort to this last option, you can try cleaning the toner / cartridge in order to eliminate excess ink. Cleaning the cartridge and subsequent insertion can also solve the problem sometimes.

Check the ink levels

Sometimes if you see inkless lines appear, it could be simply because the device’s ink is running low. In this case, it would only suffice to refill ink cartridge / toner or buy a new one if necessary.

In fact, causes of horizontal or vertical streaks due to lack of ink are usually the most common. Given this, just check the ink levels of your printer.

How to fix horizontal or vertical line streaks in prints

Understanding the information shown before, we also point out other things that you should take into account if you have printing problems with your device.

Use your printer’s troubleshooter

Regardless of the brand of printer you have, it is most likely that it has software specifically designed for solve problems. Running this tool can help to fix some common problems, such as certain horizontal or vertical stripes.

Given this, the system will verify if there is a problem with the printer and if it can be solved by software. If so, you could find the solution to this annoying problem.

Check the sheet / paper you use

Aspects such as setting a paper size for your printer are very important, but you should also bear in mind that conventional printers they will not be able to print on all types of sheet. This will also depend on the ink you are using in your printer and its characteristics, but as a general rule you should use suitable paper for printing.

horizontal vertical lines paper sheet printer

If you use another type of paper, flaws such as front or vertical lines. Given this, simply check that the paper you are using is suitable for printing documents.

Clean the toner / cartridge

We have already pointed this out before, but again we want to point out that clean toner it’s something you should do relatively consistently. If you don’t use the printer for several months, dust will inevitably appear. If dust accumulates in the print space of the cartridge / printer, problems can occur.

Given this, every time you are going to use your printer after a long period, it is recommended clean the cartridges and the printer at a general level. On the other hand, if you really still have problems, you should consider some of the best MFPs to avoid more headaches.

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