How to Fix the Error 0x0000000 Memory Could Not Be Read in Windows (Example)

The Windows operating system is a software widely used in many computers and Tablets in the world, it is very good for our teams. However, you are likely to run into system errors, for example, the error message «0x00000000 memory can be read». Well, I come to the right post, since here we explain how to correct this failure with simple and easy steps to carry out.

What are the reasons for this error?

Knowing the causes of the «memory cannot be read» error is essential, since in this way we are clear on how to deal with it. Next, we indicate 4 possible causes that cause the aforementioned error, in Windows 10, take each of them into account.

  • Deficiency in random access memory, which means that there is little memory on the hard disk that hinders the creation of the swap file or virtual memory.
  • There is a possibility that the computer has malware, which can include a worm, Trojan virus, spyware that as you know are computer viruses that reside in memory.
  • Hardware failures, you may have faulty memory modules.
  • A malfunction to a logical resource by a program or application that runs in combination with others at the same time.

As you will see, there are several possible reasons for the error 0x00000000, the memory cannot be read, on the other hand we will show you how to solve it.

General solutions to correct the error the memory got read

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The corrections that we will give you below are checked and carried out by professionals in the area of ​​computer science.

antivirus to protect computer

  • Check the memory modules of the computer.

To execute this action you will require a specific program to perform a complete examination of the system or memory operation. For example, you can use MemTest86 + a software that takes care of a detailed examination and deep about your computer’s RAM.

  • Check if there is a virus or malware on the system that causes errors.

It is essential to check whether your computer it is showing errors due to a virus hosted on the system that is causing the error. Thanks to the fact that Windows 10 incorporates a quality defense, you will be able to run a deep analysis to find possible malware.

Installing an antivirus to help your computer might be a good idea, however Windows Defender will suffice.

  • Analyze the configuration of the Windows 10 operating system.

If when opening a folder containing many multimedia files, then the error is due to a content extraction error running Windows. This causes a considerable decrease in speed in the processor and in the general system of the computer.

If you realize that it is due to a specific application, uninstall the program and reinstall it to verify that the error has been corrected.

Alternative options to fix error 0x00000000 memory cannot be read

  • Clean your computer’s hard drive.

One way to clean the hard drive is to carry out the tools offered by Windows 10 for that purpose, mostly to free up space.

  1. Enter the Windows search engine and type «Disk Cleanup» and click on this tool.
  2. A small box appears where the section is «Files that can be deleted».
  3. There you will select the content to delete, for example. «Temporary Files» «Windows error reports and diagnostics» among others.
  4. Once you select what to erase press the «Clean system files» button.
  5. This will ask you confirm if you want to delete those files, and you will press «OK».
  6. Later, the system will delete the selected files, and that’s it.

cleaning the hard drive of the computer

  • Add or add RAM.

Adding RAM memory to your computer is, as a last resort, to avoid the message the memory cannot be read, in this way you will be able to add more modules. This is intended to help the system work with better performance and avoid future problems.

We hope that this educational and intuitive post will be of much benefit to you, and this article will further expand your knowledge when using your computer.

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