How to Fix the ‘Error 910’ of Play Store on your Mobile

Sometimes we need a cell phone change quickly. With this, we also need pass our applications quickly, or be able to download them again.

And even if it is only the first time you download Instagram, you may find yourself with an error code which is incredibly common, and whose solution is very easy and fast. In this guide, you We will illustrate about the Google Play error 910, which happens with many other downloads on this service.

First, it is important that you know that Android phones are based on an operating system whose applications are encoded under the APK format. This is different from how computers encode their executable files. Sometimes phones come with an App that allows them to access a market of all these apps in APK. This is, in the case of Android, the Playstore.

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Some phones are very specialized brands, which allow users to modify their phones as they wish. That is why it is crucial that people know how to install the Google Playstore on a phone of any brand. This is seen on some phones that they were also restored as a factory.

Still, these app markets are subject to some problems. These can have a wide variety of causes. Among these, people’s phone can cause some interference when downloading the app. Also, these problems can be generated the internet connection that the user has.

android protecting phone

What kind of errors happen when downloading applications from the Google Playstore?

These are very simple mistakes, because the Play Store is the safest way you can get your apps. This is because, as it is the service that uses the largest number of telephones in the world, it is important that it has an antivirus system whose strength just be comparable with the number of users you have.

That is why there is a very small number of errors that your phone can notify you of when downloading applications from the Play Store. However, if your internet connection is not good, you will get a lot of problems when it comes to download large files.

A classic example of error codes that Google Play can identify the user is error 492. This has an easy solution, and is caused when the Google Play Store wrongly downloaded filesHowever, when installing them in the phone storage, some problems arose.

Another very common error that can happen is when we are in the middle of the game, and suddenly, a notification appears that occupies the entire screen, which is very annoying. It indicates ‘Google Play has stopped’, which causes interference in user experience. Therefore, you have to know how to fix Google Play services when it has stopped.

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Why does the 910 error occur?

This is an error that happens when there is an error of unknown cause between the installation of the file and the download of the file hosted on the internet. Even though this is a bug that It has been going on since the launch of the Play Store, Google has never released a statement as to why it happens.

But nevertheless, we can inquire into a certain number of reasons which can cause this inconvenience. The first is the failure of your device’s internet connection. This can cause the files being downloaded to become corrupted, and cannot be run by the phone.

How to fix Play Store Error 910?

This is very easy, since usually the problem that causes the problems of internet connection and installation of programs are located in the cache memory of the applications. East it’s a special kind of memory that occupy the programs that are being used by the user.

Clear data and cache from the Play Store

To fix this problem, you just have to access the configuration section of your phone. Then, we have to look through the options, the button that says ‘Applications’. When you press it, it takes you to a section in which are all the applications that you have downloaded on your phone. Among these, look for the Google Play Store, and when you select it, you give the option to ‘Clear Memory / Cache data’.

Reinstall the Google account

In order to take advantage of all the inventory that the Play Store presents to us, the main requirement that we can run into is to Install or Add a Google account. Let me guess, if you are here it is because you already have one and you are having difficulties with its configuration.

This time, we will help you Reinstall your Google account to try to fix Error 910.

  • The first thing you have to do is enter Settings and scroll down to get the Accounts option.
  • Select Google to view the list of emails that are synced to each account (in case you have more than one).
  • Tap on the Google account you want to reinstall and then tap Delete.
  • After doing this simple procedure, restart your mobile and now you just have to add the Google account again with your email.

Update DNS

Updating or changing the DNS on your mobile can be a good alternative if you have problems with your internet connection. If you don’t want to rule out this option, you can start as follows:

dns solution error 910

  • Enter the Settings section to locate the Wireless and Networks menu. A quick way to locate this option is by pressing and holding the Wi-Fi icon at the top of your device.
  • Next, you will be able to see the list of available networks where you can choose the network to which you are going to connect.
  • Select Show advanced options, IP Settings and then Static IP.
  • At the bottom, you will be enabled two blank boxes with the names ‘DNS 1’ and ‘DNS 2’ in which you must write the new DNS, finally click on Connect and you will have completed your update.

If this seems like a very cumbersome process, we take the opportunity to recommend you some apps that do all the changes for you: Cisco Umbrella, DNS Jumper, Cloudflare, and NextDNS.

Clear the Google Service Framework cache

In some Android devices you can find this application pre-installed with its name in Spanish as Google Services Framework, which allows the correct functioning of different functions, such as the management of your accounts, backup copies and Google synchronizations.

With the following steps you will learn how to clear the Google Service Framework cache.

  • Access the settings of your mobile device and select the Applications and Notifications section, where you can view all the installed applications.
  • Next, you must click on the three points and then on the option to Show System Processes.
  • Locate and select the Google Service Framework application.
    Enter the Memory or Storage menu and proceed to the option to clear cache memory.

Eject the SD card

We must bear in mind that when making the decision to download applications from other stores outside the Google Play Store, we are putting our mobile device at risk. You can try to eject the SD card to verify that it is not your case or that it is the cause of the problem.

  • As a first step, you must enter ‘Settings’ and click on the Memory or Storage option.
  • Then, you select SD Card and then the Eject button.
  • Once you have finished this short process, you can try again to install or update the application you want.

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