How to Fix the Error ‘Screen Overlay Detected in WhatsApp’

WhatsApp is a means by which communication is allowed Among millions of people around the world, its use is officially common in every corner of the earth. Like many other applications, WhatsApp has errors related to the operating system.

The WhatsApp application works through operating systems and therefore, there may be errors outside the application, related to these. Such is the case of the Screen overlay detected, problem of which we will explain the causes and help to solve it.

What is the ‘Screen overlay detected on WhatsApp’ error?

It may have happened to you that you do not know how to open an application like WhatsApp that presents an error whose pop-up window specifies: Screen overlay detected; and then you don’t know what it refers to or how to fix it.

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First of all, the Screen Overlay detected error is a frequent problem, It can happen with various applications that you have on your phone, usually with the Android operating system, preventing the passage or entering the application as such.

Second, it is not a specific problem of the application in question, such as the fact of not being able to upload or send photos via WhatsApp, but rather thatIt has to do with the phone system, and directly affects the operation of the application, similar to the problems generated by errors such as the wrong date and time.

girl with screen overlay error detected

Therefore, the Screen Overlay detected is a internal phone error, which affects applications by prohibiting access to their interfaces, and which must be solved from the possible cause or causes, found in the phone settings, configuring it by following the information that we will detail after understanding why this error occurs .

Why do I get the error ‘Screen overlay detected on WhatsApp’?

As explained previously, there are application errors that occur due to causes of the same applications or as a result of some internal configuration of the phone, so we must make a good diagnosis to know what general or specific solution we will give.

In the case of Screen Overlay detected in WhatsApp, it is an error that implies an internal cause, that is, a cause within the phone; and it has to do with said operating system, in many of the cases where it occurs.

The Screen Overlay is a tool that allows one application to overlap with another and thus use the floating app (the one that overlaps) as always; With the exception that the other application does not close, it remains there, open concomitantly.

This is then a advanced tool that many times it is not necessary to have it configured that way, indeed, many people would like to; Like older adults, they do not have all those complications and choose to configure their mobile for easier use.

The error occurs because in the phone settings the use of an application has not been allowed to overcome others; and this permission brings inconvenience when two applications are allowed and both are used at the same time. The result is the pop-up notice of said error.

How to fix ‘Screen overlay detected on WhatsApp’ error?

Knowing the cause of the error, which as you can see is internal to the phone and outside the WhatsApp application; is when we can proceed to give a solution.

woman with error in whatsapp

This is given from mobile settings, specifically in the application settings, where you must learn to activate, block and manage application permissions on Android.

What we recommend is to go to the phone settings through the settings icon; and there start removing all the permissions of the applications in the option to write over other applications.

Then you have to continue with the activation of the applications, one by one, in order to know which is the one that is presenting the problem of Screen overlay detected, and then manage all again, but first keeping the permission for WhatsApp active.

There may be simpler methods and less late to solve this problem; but this way usually solves it and you only have to invest a few minutes.

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