How to Fix the Failure or Error ‘err_connection_aborted’ when Browsing with Google Chrome

The Chrome bug ‘err_connection_aborted‘is one of the most annoying users of this Google browser. There are different reasons for its appearance, as well as ways to fix it and prevent it from reappearing when using the Internet.

It is not the only common error of this browser, since it can also present the error 0xc0000005 on Windows computers. Even so, these errors can be solved doing various things and actions, mainly within the same browser settings.

Learn with See how to fix the Chrome error from err_connection_aborted and know its causes or reasons.

Causes and solutions for Google Chrome err_connection_aborted error

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In Chrome there are also errors that it does not want to open when the user gives the command. In this article we focus on the error of err_connection_aborted and all its ways of solving it as required to do so.

The first cause of Google Chrome issuing this error may be due to a compatibility problem of the page. This has a conflict with a connection protocol called SSLv3 which is also related to security.

For this case of present incompatibility, the possible solution is to disable this protocol from the internal configuration in the browser. To test if it really is this, we can use incognito mode and if the problem continues, we disable the SSLv3 protocol.

We have to click with the right mouse button on the shortcut icon of Google Chrome on Desktop. We select Properties and in Destination we place at the end –Ssl-version-min = tls1 which is used to disable this protocol and open the specific page.

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In case it doesn’t work, the problem may be that the firewall of the device or antivirus block the connection. With this, we must manually disable both of them, even Windows Defender, which is a Windows security program.

We can enter the antivirus and disable it completely or just remove the shield of Web Navigation that it has. Regarding the Firewall, we have to enter the system configuration, enter the Firewall and see the allowed applications.

If Google Chrome is not selected, we proceed to select it so that the Firewall releases it security lock standard. We can also choose to disable the entire Firewall, but it is something more dangerous where the security of the computer is at risk.

In case this does not work either, the reasons for the block may be other also important, which we will present later.

Other causes and solutions of Google Chrome’s err_connection_aborted error

The other probable cause of this error is something external, where it is the page itself that presents the conflict. It may be because has changed web address or because it is temporarily out of service.

For this particular reason we can not do anything in this regard as it is something specific to the website. However, in case it isn’t, there are other ways we can try to fix it that we can try.

The first is that of do a reset in the Google Chrome and bring back all its defaults. With this, the settings made are deleted and all the browsing data that have been stored is deleted.

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To do this we must open a window and enter the Menu of the 3 stripes, top right. Then we choose Settings, and in Advanced configuration, in the last part we select Restore the original default values ​​of the configuration.

By doing this procedure completely, Chrome will return to the state it had when we just installed it on the computer. In case that is not helpful either, we can choose to uninstall chrome and install it again right from the start.

This option is similar to the previous one, but treats a deeper level within the saved filesystem. They are removed and reinstalled, as a more complete and thorough way to reset the program.

If it still does not work, it is something that is entirely up to the page, which cannot be entered. One tip is not to insist so much on entering unless it is something very urgent, because important things are configured.

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