How to Fix the Problem Connected and Not Loading in Windows 10 (Example)

The OS Windows 10 is undoubtedly one of the most popular systems that exists today worldwide. And although it is true that many users seek it for its great functions, it is not exempt from failing like any system.

Either due to a hardware problem or a bad configuration or due to being installed incorrectly Windows it may present bugs in its interface. And that is why we are going to talk to you today in this article about one of the bugs that gives users the most headaches. If you want to know what is the basic configuration of Windows 10 in the first installation you can enter this article where we will indicate the steps to follow.

This is the problem that your battery does not charge, even if you have your laptop connected to the current, Quietly it happens to many and we will help you. We have prepared this article to show you how to solve this very common error in laptops.

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Say goodbye to those constant system reboots to try to normalize the battery charge as we will give you the solution. Just follow our steps and in a short time you will have the solution and you will be able to use your Pc normally without being afraid that it won’t charge.

How to solve the problem of no charge?

Windows 10 settings window

The origin of this problem is in the bad configuration default power options due to failed Windows updates. The procedure that we will show you below will solve this problem, you will see that in a two-by-three you will have your laptop charging.

Just follow these steps carefully so that you do not have any problems in the process that we are going to show you below. Likewise, if you have any other problems, we suggest that you go to Microsoft technical support for help.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is go to the control panel of your computer. You can access it quickly by accessing the run tool. Just press the Buttons «Windows + R» so that it appears and once there type Control so that the window opens.

Step 2

Once you are in the control panel go to the Hardware and sound section, then to the power options and once there go to the section called «Energy plans». In this section you must choose the plan that you like the most and then click on «Change plan settings.»

Once inside you must click on the option «Restore Default Plan Settings» and then click on accept for it to apply.

Step 3

Once you accept it, go to the option «Change advanced energy settings» and within these options validate that you are in the plan you selected. Then click «Restore Plan Defaults» and then click on if to accept the changes.

Ready, with these steps you should have solved the problem with your laptop and it should be charging again. However, there is a possibility that this problem has not been solved by following these steps that we just gave you.

If so, what you should do is update your operating system so that this problem that it does not load is completely corrected. Update your operating system It is very simple and it will not take you long, and being updated will provide you with many advantages apart from solving your problem.

How to update my Windows 10?

Windows 10 update window

The only thing you have to do to update your operating system to the latest version available is to access the search engine and type «Search for updates». After you open this tool, press the button called «Check for updates» to start the process.

Did you know that there are several versions of the Windows operating system? enter this article to find out how many there are.

Once you have downloaded the update and the process has finished, you must restart your laptop for the changes to take effect. And voila, with this for sure your problem will be solved and your laptop will charge again as before.

Being updated will provide you great advantages apart from solving your problem since an updated system is more optimal. If for some reason you cannot update your operating system, seek help to force the Windows 10 update and in this way make the laptop reload.

We really hope that this guide has been useful to you and that you have been able to solve your problem of being connected without charging.

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