How to Fix the Problem of the Black Background in the Icons in Windows 10 (Examples) | See How It’s Done

The family of operating systems developed by the Microsoft company comprises a complete and dynamic intelligent software. Since its inception Windows has made the difference in terms of content and versatilityThis is why it covers a large percentage of the world’s share of computers.

Windows started as a project that aimed to improve the quality of the software that had previously been presented in the digital market and that was known as MS-DOS. However, based on the interface and operation of the new version, they decided to use it as a new platform.

Menu, folders

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The Windows name means «Windows» in Spanish and refers specifically to the way in which the interface was designed to display the elements and folders in window forms. This structure is quite practical and that is why it has been maintained even in the current version.

How to fix the problem of black background in icons in Windows 10?

The previous configuration aspects in the visualization have a kind of black border that surrounds each of the icons and applications found on the desktop panel or even in folders, and this can become a nuisance for some users.

The new version of Windows 10 allows to solve the problem entering the settings section located within the available items in the configuration, and doing so is actually quite simple.

Steps to remove black border or background surrounding icons in Windows 10

If you consider it convenient to permanently eliminate those annoying «shades» that are located behind the icons you can follow these steps:

To eliminate the black background we will need to enter the «liberator of space». This tool is a mechanism that software uses to discard certain items that are not necessary.

To access this tool it is necessary to click on the task bar and type in the search panel «liberator of space». Once it is written, the corresponding search will begin and when locating it we can click on it.

Cleaner of space

Next, the list of files or elements that can be eliminated within the system will be shown, we will have to click on «thumbnails». Finally we click on «clean system files». It is necessary to restart the computer at the end of the process, for the changes to be made.

Now it will be necessary to reset the «cache» of the miniatures, for this we are going to enter the «Windows file explorer». Once there, click on the option «watch» and later we select in «hidden elements».

The hidden elements of the computer are contained in this space. So it will be appropriate to use these routes to access the destination:

  • Click on the search panel of the hidden elements and place:
    C: users Username AppData local
  • Once located we are going to look for the file: IconCache.db and we delete it.
  • Now we enter the following path: C: Users Nombreusuario AppData Local M and when we find it we are going to select all the elements and proceed to eliminate them.
  • We will have to restart the computer again

Some options to customize the Windows 10 desktop and other items

In the current version of the Windows 10 operating system, some elements have been incorporated that can be modified around the requirements of each user, among these is the desktop. To customize this section we must right click on the home screen and select the option to «personalize».

You will find various customization options arranged in different colors. The white color, frames everything related to the lock screen, black helps us adjust the colors of various elements. With green we can change the font of all the software.

On the other hand, there is the gray color that allows us to customize the themes in depth on the computer, the red is applied in the changes of the desktop background, blue for the taskbar and finally the pink for the start menu.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Have you been able to solve the problem of the black background in the icons in Windows 10? Do you know of another method to perform this action? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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