How to Fix the VIEWER MODE of Corel Draw if it won’t let me Save, Export and Print

Corel Draw is a wonderful graphic design program. It is very popular with designers and aspiring designers and is in high demand for create amazing results. Lately, new versions appear with more and more functions and news that fans of the program love.

However, it is not surprising that there are more of some way out there to get the program through other means. And is that many times, not having the official licensed program, it we will restrict the functions to keep the job. By means of a notice before entering that clarifies that we have entered as a viewer.

So whatever changes we make we will not be able to save or export it. Next, we leave you some recommendations to be able to skip the annoying and prohibitive viewer. And so you can continue experiencing the thousand functions and designing with Corel Draw.

How to register in Corel Draw?

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When the viewer mode is activated you can manipulate, edit and access the normal options of a file. However, it is useless since you will not be able to save the changes, or export the file, far from printing.

The simplest solution is register as a Corel Draw member. In the upper options, click on «help» and then on the option «about the Corel Draw Registry». A window will appear with two options, standard registration and premium registration. Select the standard registration by clicking «become a member» and then «create account.»

Fill in the information they ask for, including email. Then you will be shown the conditions of service, slide the scroll bar to the end of the text so that the option to accept is enabled, and that’s it! The activation message will be sent to your email, review it, click on it and you will have activated your account.

working study with materials for corel draw in viewer mode

After this, when you enter Corel, the notice in viewer mode may still appear. However, it will not be so because you will have the functions enabled.

How do I delete the special keys that activate the Viewer Mode?

Another solution requires entering the PC’s log files to perform an action that circumvents the system. And so, prevent viewer mode from opening that restricts your options. All this through the shortcut of the dialog box to execute commands.

To use this solution, follow these steps exactly. Press the «Windows + R» keys and a text bar will appear. In the bar type the command, «regedit». Then it will open the Registry Editor folder. In the left column, display the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder. In turn, it displays the «Software» folder and in the other folders that it displays, it finds the «Corel» folder.

Then right click and delete the folder. Confirm your decision to the pop-up notice that you want to delete it and that’s it. This folder has special keys and subkeys but that you can safely delete.

This is because those keys are what allow the program to put the viewer mode and restrict the options. Once you delete them, restart your computer. Access the program normally and the main options should already be there normally.

Is it safe to delete the keys? Other alternatives

Other very simple and more common options in these cases are download a patcher or use the program without internet. However, it’s best to avoid how cumbersome it can be to turn the internet on and off while you work. This added to the fact that many times it is essential to have it active.

computer screens in viewer mode by corel draw

It’s much better trust the process of deleting the folder of Corel keys. It is a fast and effective method so that you can start using Corel right away. Once you manage to deactivate the viewer mode, you will be able to access the main functions again. You will be able to export, save and print the files you have.

Always remember review and check what’s new in Corel to learn to do new wonders. And if you don’t know much, remember that you can always find tutorials and step-by-step explanations of what you can do in such an incredible program.

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