How to Fix Uber’s Error if it Doesn’t Detect My GPS Location When Requesting a Ride

Uber is one of the largest companies focused on the transportation of people in the world, it has had an incredible boom in recent years to the point that it is radicalized in a large number of countries providing its services through its innovative mobile application available for any mobile.

It has the ability to offer a fleet of motor vehicles with pilot which will have the function of transporting those clients who need said service and are in the vicinity of any of these pilots. Thanks to this function, the idea of ​​trying to find a transport at any time will be much easier for us.

On the other hand, having this fabulous service and application installed on our phones we will never have to take a train again to get to a specific place or even a bus or a taxi, avoiding any kind of inconvenience with the doubt and uncertainty of how safe it is to take this transport.

uber car

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Uber will provide us with information about our driver, we will be able to know when he started his work for the company and how he has been rated by those clients he has had on previous occasions, demonstrating based on stars and percentages the safety level of your respective pilot Of transport.

In addition to the convenience of having a safe pilot, we can also take into account the responsibility and quality of its proper transportation. Sure you wonder how? But it is that once you have the application on your mobile device you can see that if you want you can comment on your pilot and recommend him.

Wherever you are, thanks to this incredible application and its internal GPS you can locate your location and that of the different Uber drivers that are in the area. You will be able to say which one you want to offer the transportation service as well as you will be able to take into account the cost of the race.

On the other hand Uber too has company-own extensions such as Uber Eats. This is totally focused on providing delivery service (Delivery) to its customers, it is very similar to other alternatives such as Rappi or Postmates. It also has a premium membership option called UberX.

This is available for a slightly higher payment and has more cool options and features when looking for and asking for our Uber driver. On the other hand, going back to the idea of ​​requesting transportation through the app, it is important to consider how to do it. We will show you below.

In order to enjoy this service to the full, we will have to take into account certain important points. First of all, we will have to enable the GPS option of our mobile device so that the Uber app can work normally, on the contrary we will not be able to make any kind of request.

Once we start the application we will only have to activate GPS again but this time from Uber’s internal options or at least just verify that it is activated. Below we can see a list of the group of drivers that is available in your city.

driver working

We will also be able to visualize all those who are in the vicinity of our surroundings, we will have the possibility of view your stats and ratings and finally to be able to start a conversation with them and ensure payment and direct transportation to the destination that we need at the time.

What can I do if the Uber app does not detect my GPS location when I want to request a ride?

As we said before, activating the GPS on our device is of vital importance to ensure the good performance of Uber. If in any case our location is not detected we will have to take into account a few very simple points.

First we will access the settings option of the app, there we will choose the headline that bears the name of «personal» and then we will click on «location». Once in here we will activate the maximum precision mode and that’s it. The problem has already been solved.

If the problem persists we may have our app out of date. So we will only have to update it from any market and that’s it.

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