How to Fix ‘Unable to Start Engine BlueStacks’ Error in Windows 10, 8 and 7

Through this guide we will teach you how to solve the error ‘unable to start BlueStacks engine’ in Windows 10, 8 and 7, a common mistake of this program.

What is the error ‘unable to start Engine BlueStacks’ about?

BlueStacks is a great application that allows the execution of applications of the Android operating system on our computers. Either way, as with any other program, problems are something that can arise.

One of these drawbacks arises when the message appears «Unable to start Engine BlueStacks». In fact, this is one of the most common problems that usually appear when running this program.

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In short, when this error arises, the program tells us that a failure does not allow to start using the software files. The detail of this problem is that it can be due to many things, which is why it tends to create serious doubts in most users. In any case, below, we will discuss some of the possible solutions in the event that this annoying error appears.

How to fix ‘unable to start BlueStacks engine’ error in Windows 10, 8 and 7

As we noted earlier, the «unable to start Engine BlueStacks» error does not have a specific cause, so there are several solutions. Given this, we have compiled some of the simpler solutions and efficient to solve this problem.

Change the API in use

As you may already know, there are several video APIs, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. We usually talk about three of great importance: Directx, OpenGl and Vulkan. In the case of BlueStacks we exceptionally have Directx and OpenGL and it is common for some of them to cause problems on certain computers.

Given this, it would be best to try changing the API with which BlueStacks runs. The process is simple, just open BlueStacks, go to the menu that is located above and to the right and then look for the «Settings» option.

In this section you will find «Motor», it is at this point that you have to switch between OpenGL and Directx. After doing this, just restart the program and see if it works correctly.

Similarly, it is worth updating Directx to its latest version, which is usually more stable and avoids the appearance of certain errors.

Enable system virtualization

Virtualization refers to a resource with which it seeks to create a virtual representation of some particular technology. Virtualization is used in many emulation systems, such as the Android emulation.

Many times having this option disabled can generate errors such as «Unable to start Engine BlueStacks». The activation process varies from computer to computer, but often involves going to the BIOS. You can see more about this process by reading this guide to enable virtualization in Windows.

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Once you have done the virtualization activation process, try to enter the BlueStacks application again. In many cases this solve the problem.

Install the program again

Usually one tries to avoid reaching this point, but many times there is corruption in the application files. This happens with BlueStacks too, so it doesn’t hurt reinstall BlueStacks. For this we recommend downloading the latest version of the BlueStacks emulator, since many times it also helps to solve the problem.

Reinstalling BlueStacks manages to help with the «unable to start Engine BlueStacks» error. For this reason, if none of the above solutions were helpful, you can try this simple but often efficient solution.

Use another computer

Unfortunately, many times this error appears when the computer we use it doesn’t have enough power. Indeed, if you have a very old computer, you may get the error «unable to start Engine BlueStacks».

If this is the cause of the problem, unfortunately will have to use another computer to be able to use this popular Android emulator. In any case, you can also try our guide on running free Android applications, where we show you other emulator options.

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