How to Fix Update Errors in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the operating system that has more than 800 million users, in turn, this system has a large number of updates. They seek to provide improvements and novelties, however this system has accumulated a large number of errors.

Although the updates have not reached the large number of users who have the system, those who are using it have reported a variety of errors in the updates of the system. The Microsoft company has collected a large number of errors derived from the latest Windows 10 updatehowever, fortunately, they can be corrected.

On the other hand, and due to this series of drawbacks that usually occur in this operating system, we have prepared this article. In order to explain you in a clear and simple way the alternatives and methods that you can apply to solve these types of errors Windows 10 update.

How to fix update errors in Windows?

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Windows 10 update error

First of all, to be able to correct these errors, what you must do is a security backup and wait for your system to show a new update. They can be viewed in the system configuration menu, in the updates section.

Next, you have to prepare the operating system well For its update, the latest updates must be downloaded and you can do it from the configuration menu. If you don’t have enough hard drive space, you can still download the updates.

You have to consider that Windows 10 updates do not turn out as expected during the first days. Therefore, if you have problems or errors with the last update, you can return to the previous state by creating a restore point.

Method to fix Windows 10 update errors

Another way to correct errors is: enter the «Control Panel» and you must select the option of «Problem solving». Then a window will be displayed where you will select the alternative of «Correct problems with Windows Update», this step will take you to another link where you must press the «Next» button.

After this, the system will begin a process to analyze Windows problems, in addition, you must press where it says «advanced options line» and apply automatic repairs. Thus, when there are problems, the system will correct them automatically.

It should also be noted that it must be analyzed that the problems do not persist due to malware or virus. These cause the blocking of Windows update or the internet connection, so you must check the computer with an antivirus, here we show you which are the best

Manual process to correct update problems

Similarly, problems can be corrected manually, this consists of a command console, you have to make sure you don’t make any mistakes. Since you could cause problems for Windows Update.

First you must enter the Windows 10 search engine, enter the «Symbol of the system»When you have the list of results, you have to right-click on the menu and select «Execute as an administrator».

Update Windows 10

This process will guide you to «command console», where two commands must be entered each separated by the enter key, the commands are: «net stop wuauserv and net stop bits».

Once you have done this, you have to delete temporary files, then you must access the following path: C: WINDOWS SOFTWAREDISTRIBUTION and remove its inner content.

This procedure will erase the Windows Update history and temporary downloads that exist on the system. Then the computer must be restarted, with this process the problems will have been solved if you followed the steps correctly.

Then you must enter the system configuration, enter Windows Update and search for available updates. This procedure will take a little longer because the history has already been cleared, but the missing updates should be located and installed without any problems.

The Windows 10 updates have the mission of upgrade the operating system, but they mostly include a number of errors. Therefore, users are the ones who suffer the consequences, for this reason it is important to understand the techniques to solve these errors if they occur.

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