How to Fix When Material Doesn’t Look Right in 3D Studio Max Easily

You have surely seen movies with spectacular special effects or superhero characters in animated comics, Or maybe you are passionate about video games and you live part of your life immersed in them. Have you ever wondered how producers achieve all of this?

Well, let me tell you that professionals in the entertainment industry have a great ally to bring their creativity to life. 3D Studio Max, is one of the tools that has revolutionized this industry that every day offers more and better products.

But not only the world of entertainment has used 3D Studio Max, but also professionals in the construction industry such as architects, engineers, geologists, surveyors, etc. In addition to recognized universities to teach drawing and design courses.

What is 3D Studio Max?

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It is a software or program created by the Autodesk company, specially designed for the visualization, animation of digital images for video games and 3D graphic designs. Also widely used in the drawing of the architectural industry.

Due to its large number and variety of tools or commands, it is widely used by artists and creators of video games and movies with impressive special effects. Able to recreate character drawings, scenes from the real or imaginary world and bring it to life.

In the field of architecture and construction it is very useful since it gives building and urban designers the opportunity to recreate the scenes, roads, lighting, trees and others. All to the point of making them look like real objects.

3d studio max allows you to design architectural plans

Your animation controllers They allow design artists to not only draw pictures of characters and objects, modify them and give them texture. But they can also create moving scenes, this has made it very useful in the field of entertainment.

Another feature of 3D Studio Max is its performance and speed when making the modifications of the objects and characters of the scenes. This gives it an advantage over other similar programs in this digital age where time is of the essence.

Its simulation drivers allow designers to draw drawings with features that mimic texture, such as human or animal skin even moving objects like sea water, rivers or waterfalls. Thus giving them an almost real appearance.

Many people in the world use this software either for their professional work, academic studies or even as a hobby that allows them to unleash their creativity.

There are those who have had their problems preparing their work, one of them is when a material does not look good or has display or texture issues.

How to solve when a material does not look good?

When an object is created in 3D, the software assigns a default color to said object, some designers place a textured material on it to be able to make a clearer follow-up of the model and thus make corrections at the moment.

The problem that occurs many times is that, once the design is finished, some cannot remove the textured material that was placed on it. And then reset the object to its default colors because with the texture it doesn’t look good.

One solution is to place a textured material at the beginning with the color you want it to have at the end, thus avoiding the step of removing the placed texture and changing the color it will have once the model is finished.

There is also another way to fix it, in the program’s tools panel select Utilities, then More. The option will appear UVW Remove, choose Material to remove the texture placed at the beginning and you are done. Later you can assign the color you want at the end.

3d studio max objects can be created with real designs

We hope that this option that we offer you to visualize objects that don’t look right in 3D Studio Max be useful to you. And so you continue exploring the large number of tools and options that this wonderful program for 3D design and animation offers you.

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