How to Flash Video with Adobe Premiere – Easily

If you’ve ever wondered, Can I do the Lens Flare effect in Adobe Premiere Pro? What do I need to make the Lens Flare effect? How I can create and apply the Lens Flare effect in Adobe Premiere? Today we explain it to you step by step.

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best editing programs that exist, and it is also possible to download it for free on your PC. With Adobe Premiere Pro you can easily edit videos, create vignette effect, create GIF or Image, render videos, do animated explosion effect, create and do lens flare effect and hundreds of more options and possibilities.

How to create the ‘Lens Flare’ effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

Applying, creating and making the Lens Flare effect in Adobe Premiere Pro is extremely easy, the Lens Flare effect works when you have done shots of sunsets or with lots of sunlight.

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The first step you must take is to turn on your PC and open the Adobe Premiere Pro program with the video you want to edit and improve its appearance by applying the Lens flare effect.

Next you must create an adjustment layer on your videoFor this you must go to the project sector and press the icon «new element» and then «adjustment layer».

blue flash effect adobe premiere pro

Once you have your adjustment layer you must go to the color section at the top and add a «Lut», the most recommended lut to make the lens flare effect is the «Orange & teal» that you can easily download on the Internet for free.

After correcting the color of your image you must go back to the project sector and in a new element choose «Matte Color», in the color options it is advisable to choose black, the black matte color must be placed on the entire video screen.

The screen will be completely black, so you must select «Blending mode» and click on «screen», once you have selected screen you will be able to place the flare effect on the layer that you created in your video.

Steps to add the effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adding the Flare effect in Adobe Premiere Pro after having created a layer in your video in Adobe Premiere Pro is extremely simple, you must go to «Effects» section.

In the effects section you must write «Lens flare» and drag it to your video. In this way, the flash will appear on the area you want in your video.

Then a series of options will appear in the left side of Adobe Premiere Pro, in them you must select «Lens type» and set «105mm objective».

lens flare effect adobe premiere pro

Finally, the point of the Lens Flare can be moved to where you prefer in your video, it is advisable to do it in a space where it look natural. This way you will have already applied the lens flare effect to your video.

Flare effect with transition

The flare is a nice touch to spice up your video, can get the viewer’s attention to focus transmitting calm, hope and perhaps longing.

An excellent combination is to place a transition a few seconds after the flare effect is applied. This will create a sense of continuity between both elements.

To add a transition to your clips select ‘Effects’ in the lower left corner, there you will find a folder with a variety of transitions that you can use, just choose the one you consider most suitable and drag it to place it on top of the clip.

Lens flare effect with Lightning effect

When we work with effects, it is advisable to lock the video channel in the timeline to start editing. Normally, we add many effects to our video through layers located above the clips, which allow us to add new resources without altering the original video.

To perform the Lightning effect, create a transparent clip and place it on top of the part of the video you selected. Later, go to the ‘Effects’ option and choose ‘Lightning Effect’. Drag it to the transparent clip and voila, you can configure how long you want your lightning bolts to be.

Make realistic lens flare effect

If you liked this effect, we recommend that you continue reading this article, because next we will tell you how you can give that flash of light a more realistic touch.

When we are editing, when adding the effect, it will remain static, which would work very well if it were a photograph, but as in our case it is a video, you can animate your flash to bring it to life following this short procedure:

  1. Go to the beginning of the clip where the flare appears.
  2. Choose in the ‘Effects’ section a clock-shaped icon called ‘Flash Center’.
  3. You will have a small ring available that you should place near your light source.
  4. Go to the end of the clip and now drag the hoop to place it just above the light source.
  5. Finally, play and check the result in your video.

Alternative programs to add the lens flare effect

There is a wide variety of alternative programs to Adobe Premiere in which you can create and make the lens flare effect quickly and easily, some of these programs are:

  • Openshot, this program It has been online since 2008, with which you can edit non-linear videos, add 3D effects, stickers, animations, texts in different formats, the best thing is that it is available for all versions of Windows and is free.
  • Davinci Resolver is editing software designed for all those who have advanced knowledge in editing, however its design is usually quite attractive and easy to use after a while.
  • Shotcut is a free program Available for Windows and MAC computers, with this editing software you can easily add effects to your videos, trim parts, add audio or sound effects. It is also compatible with numerous video formats such as PNS, SVG, TGA and many more.

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