How to Flirt Couples on Facebook? – The Best Tricks to Flirt on Facebook Dating (Example)

Facebook brought out a new function, for those who are looking for new things, meeting people and going a little beyond the friendship zone. This new configuration is called Facebook Dating or Facebook Couple. If it catches your attention, stay and read the best tricks for flirting couples on Facebook.

If you already have a Facebook account, do not hesitate to activate and use this new Facebook service that will allow you to meet your ideal person.

It is something like Tinder or any online dating application, where you can meet people who are close to you or according to your tastes and preferences according to a specialized algorithm. So, if you are a constant user of these apps, it is time for you to learn about this new option.

How does Facebook Dating work?

One of the main advantages of using this feature within Facebook is that you don’t have to create a separate account or anything like that, since, you can enter secretly.

This means that neither your friends will be notified of this, nor will it be seen in your bio or the news feed. You just need to have the most up-to-date version of Facebook, activate the Facebook partner option and create a profile to flirt

Get to know your ideal partner

The first thing you should do to flirt with Facebook couples is to enter the website and next to the search engine, you will see the heart symbol. If this option does not appear, but if the symbol of a cup, you can click there, it will appear “Discover people”And the heart of the app should be.

couples fb app

By clicking it you will enter the application interface and you can start flirting with Facebook Couples. Fill in your personal information with data such as gender, people you want to meet, your location and profile picture, remember to choose a good one, since that will be one of the first things that your next prospects will surely see.

You can also fill in more personal data such as height, age, education levels, city of birth, work and in this same way, preferences regarding the people you want to meet. This could be, religion or age range. Always keep in mind who you choose, take a good look at their profiles and do not give out data as personal as account numbers and others.

Know the best tips to flirt with Facebook couples

It is important first of all to have a lot of security, always remember that, just like you, that person behind the screen is going through the same thing as you. Let go a bit and enjoy the experience to flirt with Facebook couples.

When you use Facebook Couples you may find that the application does not load you, but do not worry that this problem has a solution.

Put love to your profile

Since this is the first thing the person will see, spend enough time putting together a profile complete and eye-catching. As for your profile picture, do not choose one where it is with other people, as you can send the wrong message. Also avoid landscapes, drawings or anything that does not focus on showing you.

Take into account the posts on your wall and those where have you been tagged, since these can be seen by third parties who visit your dating profile. Focus on keeping those where you look relaxed and in a good atmosphere.

couple match mobile

Your social life matters a lot

Let other people know and see that you are willing to adventure or at least, to go out to know new places, it draws a lot of attention. So, post interesting facts and things that you have done or about your personal interests.

Don’t be shy about taking the first step

The first thing to do is, of course add the person who catches your eye, the best thing is, at the time of doing it send him a message introducing yourself. Something natural and neutral, also, you can go commenting on some of their posts once trust has been established. Comment on the most important posts, those with meaning and that carry a message, not just memes or funny videos.

With these three steps you are more than ready to start your dating, remember, the most important thing is the trust and respect you show people. Taking all these things into account, everything else will surely flow, if it does not become a love relationship, at least you can go making new friends.

If you are concerned about your safety, do not panic, since Facebook has a wide variety of restrictions and control questions that prevent strangers from deceiving you.

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