How To Force LTE Connection On My Cell Phone: Pros and Cons – Simple Guide

If you have asked yourself how convert or force my cell phone from 4G to LTE? And you want to do it quickly and in a few steps, here we will explain it quickly but specifically. You just have to have your cell phone handy before starting.

The mobile technologies They have been with us for about a century. In their output they were very basic and resembled a radio signal too much. However, over the years, they have revolutionized everything related to being intercommunicated.

So much so that today it would be practically unthinkable not to have them. To perform this procedure it does not matter if you are using a physical or a Virtual SIM card.

What is LTE?

LTE technology, is one of the newest in the telephone industry, so it has been scaling little by little, like 4G technology. Both are based on greatly improving the speeds that were reached with 3G, so that today many people use it.

Perhaps what has made it not a world standard is that when it first came out, it was necessary to purchase a new mobile device to be able to connect to both 4G and LTE. Besides that depending on which cell phone you chose, you could have a higher or lower speed when downloading content. For this reason, it is very important to know which cell phone model is the best for you, when taking mobile connectivity into account.

One of the main benefits of using LTE Above 4G, it is its speed when uploading content, both on social networks and on any platform.

force convert a 4g lte cell phone

The LTE can be considered something of a complement, an aid provided to 4G, focused solely on internet browsing, therefore they are usually acting at the same time, but this can be changed to whatever one prefers.

What is the difference between 4G, LTE and H +?

When talking about 4G, LTE and H +, it refers to the connections that mobile devices can have. The only difference between these terms is the browsing speed offered by each of them. An LTE connection is a fourth generation technology. On the other hand, H + is considered the 3G connection that gave way to the 4G connection that offers great speed when browsing.

Advantages and disadvantages of connecting to LTE

Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of connecting to an LTE network, it is positive that when connected to the signal, it is possible to navigate optimally and as for the negative point, it is a network with a very limited geographical capacity.

How to know if my phone is compatible with this technology

To find out if your phone is compatible with an LTE network, all you have to do is enter the settings of your device. Once you are there you go where it says ‘Mobile networks’ In the part of mobile networks you will find the connections available on your phone, this means that if your phone is compatible with this technology, the option will appear on mobile networks.

Steps to connect to LTE on my phone

To connect to an LTE network from your phone, the steps to follow are very simple, everything is done from the configuration of the device, but then we will explain how to do it on Android and iPhone.

lte connection for mobile


To connect to an LTE network from an Android device you have to go to the settings and look for the mobile networks option. Once you are there in mobile networks you have to select the 4G / LTE option so that you can activate it and your phone connects to that network.


In the event that you want to activate the LTE connection on your iPhone device, you have to go to its settings, once you are in the settings, the option to search and select is the one that says ‘Mobile data’ Within mobile data are the options that you must select is the one that says 4G / LTE.

How to force my cell phone from 4G to LTE?

To make the change of our network to only LTE, we can make use of two options. You must open the menu mobile network settingsOnce here you must look for the section for the network mode. If you tap, the options should appear and here you must mark ‘only LTE’. If the 4G option does not appear, your mobile may not support it.

For the second method, we will have to make use of an app, it should be noted that this can be found for free in the store of your device. The name of the app is ‘Elixir’. When we install it and it appears on the screen of our device, we will proceed to open it, it has a menu with several options, but in this case we are interested in only one of them.

The information box will be the first we will find, we must tap and all the information on our device will appear, in this way we only have to look for the telephony section and tap, then select ‘turn 4G on’.

Here we will see a menu in which we can slide and there will be a part to select the type of connection, when we open this part we can select any network, but in our case we are only interested in the one that says ‘only LTE’.

What can make this change entail?

Using only LTE does not bring major inconveniences As for internet service, on the contrary, by using only LTE technology, we will have a very high browsing speed. With which we can see multimedia content very quickly.

smart cell phone with 4g technology in a few steps

However, when activating this option, something similar happens to when we force the 4G connection, which in that case you can’t access the 2G or 3G network because the device will only support 4G network as you selected.

In case of only using LTE, our cell phone will lose the ability to receive calls or text messages, because only will connect to the internet service, so we need to be aware of this, and when we need to make a call, let’s change it back.

For this reason use only LTE It is only recommended when we do not need to make calls or are waiting for any, and we only want to connect to the cloud.

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