How to Format an External Hard Drive That My PC Doesn’t Recognize

Computer equipment can offer us surprises that are not very pleasant, especially if we have an external hard drive, regardless of whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux and at plug it in she does not recognize him. This can generate headaches, since we may think that we have lost forever the information that we had stored there. But we can tell you that this has a solution and we show you what you should do to format an external hard drive that my PC doesn’t recognize.

This type of failure can occur for multiple causes and does not allow our external hard drive be recognized by our PC.

A clear example of these possible causes is that it does not have a letter assigned or a partition has not been created for it. It is also possible that it has a corrupt format or it is also a new disk and you need to format it.

hard drive format

The truth of all this is that you are external drives in which we can save information and transfer it to another computer are very useful and necessary.

And knowing how it works and what we should do in situations like this is timely. Since if you lose valuable information contained in the hard drive, you know how to recover the deleted files.

How to format an external hard drive that my PC doesn’t recognize

It is possible that the unit of External hard drive is not recognized by our PC, due to a connection problem with the USB port. YES when connected and it is not detected or does not produce the typical sound when a USB drive is connected. Then we must do the following to make sure that the unit does appear in the system.

What we will do then and go to the Device Manager, to do this we go to the Windows start menu and right-click.

In the options menu we will choose Device administrator. A window will appear on our screen with a list of the devices that are connected to our PC.

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The next thing we will do is click on Disk drives so that its list is displayed and we must find the external hard disk drive here.

If a message appears on this device exclamation mark, we are going to right click and in the menu choose Update driver, if when performing this operation the problem does not disappear, we must try the following steps.

Steps to format an external hard drive that my PC doesn’t recognize

It is possible that this problem is due to the fact that it is a new external hard drive and does not have a format, then we must do the following: first we are going to connect the hard drive to our PC.

Then we will go to the start button of Windows and we are going to right click and in the options menu we are going to choose Disk Management.

Here we can see that our external hard drive is not formatted and we must give it to it, for this we are going to click on the Accept option that is displayed in the window to format it.

We will also see that a graph is shown in the window and it is in black, now we position ourselves on it and right click and we are going to select New single volume.

hard drive format

A wizard will appear on the screen, with which we are going to format the hard drive, follow the instructions and assign it a letter. The next step is to format it and in this case it will be NTFS format, then we must put a name and click on the Next option. And we can finish with the wizard.

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Having finished with this process, we can verify that the hard drive appears and in blue indicating that we can use it. In this way we have reached the end of this interesting tutorial that showed you how easy it is to give I format an external hard drive that my PC doesn’t recognize.

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