How to Format and Install the Operating System to my Mac without USB or DVD?

Currently, you can boot your Mac computer from a bootable external USB. However, you don’t need a USB drive or DVD to format and install the operating system on your Mac. In fact, you might be wondering How to format and install the operating system to my Mac without USB or DVD? Pay attention to this interesting article because here you will find the best answer.

What is «MacOS Recovery» mode?

MacOS Recovery is a feature that allows reinstall the operating system on Macs. It also facilitates the process of erasing and repairing the hard drive when necessary, as well as restoring the system from a backup.

How does MacOS Recovery mode work?

Recovery mode MacOS it functions as a component of the Mac’s built-in system. It has various utilities so that users can recover the system from errors and manage the hard drive.

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MacOS Recovery is presented from an easy-to-use interface that contains a utility window. Each of them offers the option of installing the operating system, but for this process to be carried out, it is advisable to have a stable internet connection so that the utility downloads the software correctly.

Mac OS

How to format and install the operating system to my Mac without USB or DVD?

The procedure to format and install the operating system on your Mac without requiring a pendrive or DVD it’s not complicated. However, you must follow a series of steps to obtain an optimal result. For this reason, we advise you to follow the steps that we explain below.

Restart your Mac computer

The first step is to connect your Mac computer to the power source. Then, restart the Mac and before the Apple logo appears, press and hold the «Command + R» keys if you want to reinstall the operating system that your Mac had.

On the other hand, if you prefer to update to the most recent version of the system, you must press and hold the keys «Option + Command + R». Immediately, you will see a progress bar and when it finishes loading, the system will show you the MacOS utilities menu.

Format your hard drive before installing the operating system to your Mac without USB or DVD

Once you enter the utilities menu, look for the «Disk Utility» function and erase all the information on your hard drive. To do this, select the disk and press the «Delete» button at the top. It is recommended that you format the disk in the APFS file format.

Then choose the “OS X Plus (Journaled)” format. In this way, it will start the process of formatting your hard drive. When the formatting of the unit is finished, proceed to close the window. Therefore, you can free up the storage space on your hard drive.

Install the operating system

Go back to the utilities menu and choose the «Reinstall macOS» option. Before installing the operating system, verify that you have internet access in order to download the software and install in a safe way.

Mac computers set

Some recommendations

During the installation process, make sure that your Mac computer is not sleeping and do not close the lid until this process is finished. Don’t worry if your Mac reboots multiple times or the screen goes blank for a few seconds during installation because this is normal.

Another alternative to install the operating system on your Mac without USB or DVD

If the «MacOS Recovery» mode does not show you the version of the operating system of your choice, you can use another alternative: the «Apple» menu. To do this, go to «System Preferences» from the Apple menu and click on «Software Update.»

If it is necessary to update the software on your MacOS PC to the latest version, you must press the «Update now» button or click on «More information» to obtain more details and install the system of your choice. When the installation of the system is finished you will notice that all the applications are also updated.

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