How to Format or Reset a Samsung Android Tablet – Step by Step

Today we are going to see how to format or reset a Samsung Android tablet step by step and all the things you need to consider before proceeding with the factory reset.

All devices, whether tablet or mobile, at some point may have some kind of software problem. In many cases, the best way to solve these problems is by formatting the device.

Likewise, it is best to do a hard reset of your device every so often. Thus you make sure you don’t have any kind of malware in it and in turn you will notice that as soon as you format it, it works much more fluidly.

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This is normal because when you format it, it looks like you just bought it. All the settings you made are removed along with files, apps, and games.

For this reason, it is always advisable to have an up-to-date backup. Since, in case of having a problem with the operating system of the tablet, we can quickly format without having to deal with loss of information of any kind.

In this tutorial we are going to recommend a few things that you should do before starting with the hard reset of your Samsung Android tablet And then we will go through the guide so that you can factory reset the tablet quickly, in a matter of a few minutes you will have your device as new.

reset samsung

Considerations before a hard reset

Before performing a factory reset on your Samsung tablet, it is essential that the battery is fully charged to avoid any kind of problem. Since it would not be pleasant at all if the device turns off in the middle of the formatting.

If this were to happen, you would have to install the operating system from scratch. Therefore, make sure you have a full battery. At least we recommend having 70%.

Another thing you should do is back up everything that is important to you. Remember that when you do a factory reset, the tablet is left with a clean operating system. This means that all personal files and downloaded applications are deleted.

It is as if you just bought the device. Because it is so important that you make a backup of everything you have stored in it. For this, we recommend using Google Drive or any cloud storage service.

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How to factory reset a Samsung Android tablet

  • In order to format your tablet, you will have to follow these steps:
  • The first thing is to completely turn off the tablet.
  • Once it is off you will have to press and hold the volume up and power buttons at the same time for several seconds until the logo appears on the screen.
  • After that logo appears you can release the power button, but keep the volume up button pressed.
  • After a few seconds you will see the recovery or recovery menu. Now you can release the volume button.
  • Precisely the volume buttons, both up and down, you can use them to move in this menu.
  • The option you must select is Wipe Data / Factory Reset and to confirm you will have to use the power button.
  • Now you will have to wait for the process to finish, which may take a while.
  • Once it is finished you will Reset Now to restart the tablet and that’s it.

Don’t panic if the first time you start it takes longer than normal. This is something quite common that always happens on both tablets and mobile phones after factory reset them.

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