How to Free Up Space After Installing Windows 10 Creators Update?

Windows Creators Update reserves disk space for a “backup” of the system. This copy is used to return to a previous version of Windows. If you wonder How to free up space after installing Windows 10 Creators Update?, then this article is for you.

How to free up space after installing Windows 10 Creators Update?

As it happens when updating Windows despite not having enough disk space, Creators Update leaves a copy of files on disk to revert to a previous state of the system in case the user deems it appropriate. This copy usually takes up a few gigabytes of the hard drive and can be skipped to free up space.

Next, we explain what it consists of Windows Creators Update and a procedure for freeing up space after installing the operating system.

What is Windows Creators Update?

Creators Update eIt’s an update to the Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft added some new features in Windows Creators Update that include virtual reality components, 3D tools, and connectivity improvements. In addition, thanks to the Windows Update tool, it is possible to update all applications automatically.

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Who is Windows Creators Update for?

Windows Creators Update was created to any type of user. However, it is ideal for creative users who want to work with dynamic tools.

Windows Creators Update Properties

Windows Creators Update offers news and improvements around tools such as: a virtual reality desktop, the MyPeople function, Windows Defender, Windows Capture 3D, Paint 3D, customization options, Ebooks, Gaming, dynamic blocking and night light.

  • The novelty of “MyPeople”: MyPeople is a function that allows you to access information that is shared with other users without using any additional applications. This connectivity tool allows the sending and receiving of data and the use of chat using Skype.
  • Windows Defender security: Windows Defender is a security tool that protects your computer from virus and malware attack. It contains a wall of fire or “Firewall”, parental and application controls, as well as some performance options.
  • The Windows Capture 3D application: This tool is for taking photos and capturing 3D images. You can share your photo files and reuse them on your mobile phone.
  • The Paint 3D application: Paint 3D allows you to create 3D models in Windows. Microsoft added to this application a virtual library that offers a database with image files.
  • Customization options: The personalization options are used for actions such as hiding the location or disabling personalized ads.
  • Electronic books: Windows Store offers electronic books or Ebooks from your virtual library. These are stored in the “Favorites” folder of your web browser.
  • Gaming: Windows also contains an app called Beam for streaming the games online and sharing them with fans. Users can design the scenarios, choose a mode or set the time of a game.

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Free up space after installing Windows 10 Creators Update

The Creators Update usually takes up considerable hard disk space. This occurs because the operating system reserves a few Gigabytes to store a backup which allows you to go back to a previous version (if necessary). However, if you do not want to reserve this space, you can carry out the following procedure.

Enter the space cleaner

First, you must access the space liberator which is located through the “Cortana” box. Then, click on the first option in the list to bring up a new window. There, choose the drive where Windows Creators Update was installed. Click on the “OK” button.

Use the tool to free up space after installing Windows

The cleaner will go through the scanning process and after a few seconds it will display a list of removal options. Press click “Clean system files”. Subsequently, a window will open where you must look for the option “Previous Windows Installations” and click on the “OK” button. On the other hand, it is recommended to update the Windows Update agent to the latest version. In this way, the system will update the applications automatically to maintain optimal performance.

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