How to Free Up Space in my OneDrive Account to Store More Files? (Example)

Free up space in my OneDrive account In order to store more files, it is important to learn, since you must know what you can and cannot delete.

In other examples, it is possible to archive old emails in Outlook and free up space, so OneDrive would not be left behind. It really is something as simple as when you are going to free up space on the hard drive of a Windows PC.

The Microsoft company since 2014 gives users the ability to save any type of file in the cloud. Provides 15 GB of storage for storing videos and images, and 5 GB for storing any other type of files.

With this tool we can upload 5 files at the same time, But if you have the ActiveX application installed on your computer, you will be able to upload more files simultaneously without any problem.

Through this article I will be teaching you how to free up space in my OneDrive account so that you can have space to store other files.

Free up space on OneDrive

There are many reasons why it is necessary to free up space in my OneDrive account, but surely you need space to be able to store other information.

Of course, before you even think about freeing up space, you must have or create an account on OneDrive quickly and easily.

Delete videos and images

One of the most common reasons you fill out your entire OneDrive is because store both photos and videos that are not important.

Generally, this usually happens when you have OneDrive linked with the files on your mobile, when taking photos and videos they automatically make a copy in OneDrive.

In order to Free up space in my OneDrive account you must sign in to your OneDrive account and perform the following procedure.

Sign in to OneDrive

First you must log in if you have not done so, enter your email and password and click on “Log in”.

Then you will select in “Next”. In this case, you have the file components configured with your OneDrive service.

So so that you can delete the files, simply select the file you want by right clicking on it and then clicking on “Remove”.

Delete old files

There are situations in which for some reason you need save certain information to OneDrive, This information is momentary and you forget to delete it later.

This happens on many occasions and this causes the OneDrive storage to fill up, so you must delete the obsolete files.

Therefore, I recommend that you take a few minutes to find the files that you do not need, as this will help free up space in my OneDrive account.

To remove these obsolete files, simply select the file with the right click and select “Remove”.

What files to delete on OneDrive?

One of the best advantages that OneDrive storage offers us is that we have the ability to view our files from any device.

Since it does not have a unlimited storage capacity, you should keep in mind which files you should delete to have more space.

That is why my recommendation is that you delete the files that are not very important to you.

Free up space one drive

You don’t even have the need to delete them if you have an available Micro SD card or an external hard drive.

The best option is to observe the files that are stored in OneDrive, to be able to find the files that you do not need.

Another important point is that if you are using a computer with Windows 10 operating system, it is configured so that the “Documents“,”Desk“And”Images”Are stored within OneDrive automatically.

In case you want to deactivate this synchronization, you just have to right-click on the “OneDrive” icon found on the taskbar.

You are going to select in “More“, Later you will select”Change”And you end by pressing the option“To accept”. In this way you will be able to Free up space in my OneDrive account, since the mentioned folders will not be saved in the application.

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