How to Free Up Storage Space on My MacOS Hard Drive?

Before starting to explain about the article to be developed, it is necessary to expose some necessary concepts for understanding the subject, such as: Hard Drive, MacOS and Operating System.

At the computing level, the Hard Disk or hard disk is an instrument for store the contents of a computer like programs, employing a magnetic recording system for this digital data. Capacity is measured in GB or gigabytes.

For the year 2001, was born MacOS, owned by Apple Computer Inc. This operating system has several versions. However, over time it has undergone changes.

An operating system is what allows you to do activities on computers. MacOS is installed on all computers of the Apple company. This means that both the software and the hardware are well compatible.


Advantages of owning a Mac computer

  • To installing the programs is simple, as well as its uninstallation.
  • Your software already pre-installed from the manufacturer, does not slow down the system processing information quickly.
  • In addition, the Apple company has a Customer Service very good, warranty and stores to take the equipment to repair.
  • Their equipment are of high quality with the highest customer satisfaction rates on the market.

Free up hard drive storage space automatically or manually

free up storage space in apple

  • MacOS Sierra or later computer has the optimized storage functions and can free up hard disk space, automatically.
  • Another way is manually, without having to use the tools of MacOS Sierra or later.

Automatically free up space:

Free space manually:

  • Delete movies, music or TV shows, since these take up a lot of space on your computer.
  • The downloads folder, it can guide you to see which files are no longer necessary and you can move them to the Trash, which must later be emptied.
  • You can too move files to storage devices such as CD, DVD, Blue Ray, Pendrive or external hard disk, where they can be saved without problem.
  • Equally erase so much unwanted mail like the ones you don’t need and later, again delete these elements that you have deleted from the mailbox.
  • Finally, compress files.

Free up storage space on your hard drive through iCloud

This is another way to free up space stored on your hard drive and save it in the cloud through iCloud for MacOS, a service with multiple advantages. In this way, when you need it, you can save photos, movies, files in general that you no longer use and that are very large.

free up storage space on macos fast

  • It is important to clarify that depending on the storage plan you have, that will be the available space and if you go over the 5 GB limit, you can buy more space to free up your computer.
  • The first thing to do is discover what storage space do we have available on our, Mac.
  • To do this, we click on “Storage”, then on “Manage” and then “Storage Management”; The latter presents you with some recommendations such as: Store in iCloud, Optimize Storage, Empty Trash Automatically and Reduce Clutter.

To conclude, we have seen that freeing up space on your hard drive on your MacOS, can be done in various ways, for free because they are configurations that the system has, or with iCloud paid plans that offer up to 2 TB.

It is also important to free these spaces because this way the hard disk is only kept with what it needs to use on a daily basis. Preventing it from slowing down due to information overload.

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