How to Freeze my Windows PC to Factory Status Using Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender is a software that gives you the freezing instrument for your Windows PC, in order to protect your operating system against malicious situations or unwanted modifications, etc. All this under a context that is virtual and that will not affect the real environment of the computer.

Now if you perceive malicious situations or modifications that you don’t want, just do a quick reboot in a virtual environment to restore your pc’s operating system to its factory state.

In this sense with Shadow Defender, you will be able to freeze the partition or hard disk where your operating system is installed and protect it, since it is there where important changes will be made when a program is installed, a file registry is changed, etc.

Therefore, it is important that you freeze it before you make any changes. In order to prevent a malfunction that could damage your cp.

Advantages of Using Shadow Defender

  • Protect your pc from malicious movements, viruses and unwanted changes.
  • It allows you to explore online without risk and gives you the advantage of be able to prevent any unwanted activity.
  • It gives you the peace of mind of installing both software and any game in an environment, totally, without any risk.

Download and install Shadow Defender on my Windows PC

  • First go to the official Shadow Defender page
  • Once there, press the green button that says “Download (download)”
  • Subsequently, the download starts automatically
  • Once downloaded, we proceed to start the Setup FXL (Downloaded file).
  • Position yourself on the Setup FXL icon downloaded on your pc desktop, right-click it, press “execute as an administrator”.
  • A window will open where they ask you the following, do you want to allow this application to make changes to your device? Click “yes”, then “next”
  • A window will appear where it shows the terms, we check the box where it says we accept the terms, then we press next.
  • In the window that appears, you position yourself and write the name you want for the user, then you click next, then click, Next again, and click on next and then install. The installation will begin.

freeze pc shadow defender

  • Once downloaded it will ask you restart your pc, you can choose to reboot once or reboot later. You choose the option that best suits what you want. It should be noted that to freeze your pc it is not necessary to restart it.
  • Once installed, an icon will appear on your desktop, press it to start it correctly, a search window will appear and click where it says “yes”, a new tab of your Shadow Defender appears, where you can view your hard drives and partitions.

Activate Shadow Defender on my Windows PC

Once the previous step has been completed, proceed to activate it by clicking on the option hard disk or partition that you want to freeze as factory mode. You select it and give the option “Enter Shadow Defender” In the window that opens, select the second option and click where it reads “OK”. Ready, your Shadow Defender (frozen) is already activated.

In this menu there is also an alternative with the name of “File Exclusion List”, which is used to except all that information about folders that you do not want to remain frozen.

Once you verify that these changes you want work, proceed to unfreeze your system and apply them again, sure that they will work. So you won’t have any problem and you protect your team from any harm.

shadow defender tools

There are other methods with which you can protect a PC by installing Antivirus such as Firewall, Anti Spyware and Anti Spam. You can also back up its content by putting a password on your PC.

Get out of the frozen mode of my Windows PC using Shadow Defender

Now, to exit frozen mode, you just have to mark the hard drive or partition that you frozen and click on “Exit Shadow Defender”In the box that appears click “OK” and then restart the pc. Once your pc is started, it leaves its frozen state and goes back to its normal state.

A computer may also freeze with Windows operating system due to lack of maintenance, having viruses or having many programs installed.

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