How to Freeze the Image or a Frame of a Video in Sony Vegas

Freeze the image in a video With Sony Vegas it is a simple editing mechanism, the use of simple tools, and a basic and almost zero knowledge of this software will allow us to do so. Freezing an image or a frame is considered synonymous with each other.

If you are editing a video with Sony Vegas, and you need to freeze the image in a specific second or minute, this tutorial will help you a lot. To learn how to freeze the image or a frame of a video using the Sony Vegas tool, just keep reading.

How to freeze the image or a frame of a video in Sony Vegas?

For informational purposes, Sony Vegas is software used in the non-linear video editing, is considered a high-quality program for this work by many people around the world. Sony Vegas can be used professionally or by amateurs for good editing.

One of the thousands of possibilities that Sony Vegas has is to allow publishers freeze an image from a video; There are many, many tools in this program, but this task is accomplished with only a few of them.

The first thing we are going to do to freeze the image in a video is upload a video to the timeline any or the editing job of the moment. Before continuing, remember that freezing the motion of a video is what you want with this tutorial.

freeze frame image of a sony vegas video

The next step is to choose the point where you need to freeze, selecting it to trim it. For the latter we will use the S key; When the image is cut, it will be noticed how the line of the video being edited ‘splits’. Then you have to save the image from that point on your computer.

After this, with a displacement, one part of the video is separated from the other, and in the middle of them we must insert previously saved image.

How to shoot the video after freezing the image with Sony Vegas?

At the time of inserting the saved image we must have enough space; It is advisable open the interspace from the cutting point, as wide as possible comfortable insertion of the image.

When we insert the image in the intermediate space, we will give the width we want to the image within the line. It can be seconds or tenths of a second, that will depend on the publisher.

Then we join and adjust the parts to the sides of the inserted image, both on the right and on the left, and it will be ready. What we must do to shoot the video after freezing the image or frame is as simple as pressing play.

This mechanism is something similar to the one applied when we want to make a video in slow motion effect in Sony Vegas, using some tools in common for both jobs.

Another possibility that Sony Vegas has in terms of editing, is to pixelate or censor a part of a video, which has been the certainly antagonistic process to freeze the image in a video with Sony Vegas.

It should be noted that, although it is an excellent option for this type of edition, Sony Vegas have other alternatives, which perform the same functions, such as freezing an image in a video.

What other alternatives to Sony Vegas are there for this type of video editing?

Remembering that Sony Vegas is a program used by thousands of professionals and other types of users, the level and quality of this software is not minimal. On the contrary, it is considered one of the best editing programs today.

freeze an image or frame

However, there are several alternatives that also feature a high level of editing. For the case of this function, freezing the image in a video, we have the excellent and categorical Premiere Pro option; learning how to edit videos with this software is very easy, which is a bonus.

On the other hand we have the great alternative editing tool to Sony Vegas, known as Filmora or Wondershare Filmora; This software also has the status of a non-linear video editor.

With Filmora you can apply the same process of freeze the image or a frame a video easily, and we recommend activating it on your computer.

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