How to Full Screen Any Android Application?

With each passing day, our mobile devices They have taken new tools and options that make them indispensable in our lives, thanks mainly to the mobile applications of the moment.

With all these advances we have also seen the arrival of models, which have much larger and more functional screens. A large screen, today is a normal and even sought after issue, due to the comfort that it manages to provide us.

However, it is often the case that not all Applications that are downloaded, take proper advantage of said panel. for this reason, this must be done manually.

For this reason, in today’s post, we will dedicate ourselves exclusively to teaching you the correct way to put any application you have on your device in full screen. mobile, in order to create a much more inverse experience within its use.

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How to get the full screen for any application

If you want to use the entire screen of your telephoneThis can be done through a mobile application or through the creation of a widget, which will help you with this proportion problem.

The main function of this application is to eliminate notifications from your mobile or the bar in which they appear or, failing that, the navigation bar, which will gain a little more space and thus improve the user experience. Username.

Many developers know about this problem and based on it, they got the correct way with which and ‘using various tricks and tools, they managed to introduce special commands in them to optimize the space used for the game and thus take better advantage of all the tools phone visuals.

In order to do this, we will need applications such as Granular Immersive Mode, this is an application which allows us to place the screen of our phone completely and regardless of the application.

One of the best things that Granular Immersive Mode allows us is the fact of choosing which application we want to enjoy in full screen. By doing these configurations, no other application other than the one we have chosen previously will open in full screen.

This application does not do any type of consumption in the background and you also have the possibility to choose between hiding the status bar, the navigation or even both at the same time.

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Scaling of some applications

One of the biggest news in terms of technology is the elongated screen ratios. In general, most manufacturers have introduced this option as part of some adjustments that will be useful for you to explore, so that in this way, you can adapt the appearance and aesthetics of your device in multiple ways.

Making these changes is very simple, and failing that, you can play with them and find the way that is most comfortable for you. To be able to carry it out, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Start by accessing the settings of your mobile, once ready, you just have to enter the options on the screen.
  • Once inside, you must locate the option that says: “Application scaling” or you will also find it with the name of “Full screen applications”. Although the name may vary, the content of the option will always be the same
  • Once inside, you must choose, which are the applications that are will execute using this mode, in order to take advantage of all the space that the screen. One of the things that we recommend is that you mark only those applications which are not adapted.
  • In the same way, it is possible that you activate all the applications and in this way make sure that they will look good.
  • With these tips you can make the most of all the potential that you have on your phone and achieve better results.

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