How to Get 100% on Duolingo? – How to Earn the Maximum Experience on Duolingo? (Example)

Duolingo is one of the most used applications in recent years thanks to the utility it has when it comes to learning a new language just using a mobile device.

While it is true that this platform can be a bit complicated, Gaining experience on Duolingo is extremely easy; That is why today you will learn how to take advantage of this application to learn languages.

How to easily gain experience on Duolingo?

Dedicating yourself to the study of a new language does not have to be a tortuous or boring task; Duolingo is the most practical way to learn or reinforce knowledge about a language since when starting a new course we can choose the level you want to start.

The most important thing is that the expected result is always the same: start in a new language or improve the knowledge you have so that it can be useful on a day-to-day basis, regardless of the language of the many that you have offered. decided to learn.

The first step to gaining experience on Duolingo is register in the Duolingo official page. It should be noted that this is an application that can be used by children and adults who decide to learn a new language without having to leave home.

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Creating an account on Duolingo doesn’t take long and it can be done intuitively. Now, once the registration is completed, you just have to dedicate yourself to being better every day and practice in such a way that gaining experience in Duolingo is simple and fun.

Find out how you can be the best on Duolingo

In recent decades it is very common to see people who want to learn new languages ​​either in a traditional way in a classroom or digitally with a smart device from their living room. It is because of that Duolingo is the best option for those who opt for the second option.

To gain experience in Duolingo you just need to be constant in the practices and find the best way to study on this platform so that the knowledge is reinforced every day and therefore, acquire an advanced level in the language that it has been decided to practice.

However, certain steps have been established to reach a higher level that is undoubtedly what everyone seeks when you start using this platform to learn languages. It is extremely important to remember that the XP (experience) that can be collected along the way are subject to change and may vary in terms of the functions of each language or level. However, some of the ways to level up on Duolingo are:

  • Take lessons individually.
  • Consistently practice each unit and complete the lessons.
  • Get good scores on the assessments that are presented at the end of each level.

duolingo experience breakthrough learn

Each level offers different XP scores; in the case of the first level, you can get up to 60 XP points and in the case of the last level, you can start with 30,000 experience points until the maximum score is reached and the course of the chosen language is terminated.

Follow these tips to get the most out of Duolingo

Like everything in life, you should always seek to make the most of the tools that the digital world offers every day; Platforms like Duolingo are not far behind, and if you want to be the best you should bear in mind that:

Duolingo classes are no different than what we are used to

For that reason it is important that you dedicate at least 30 minutes paying attention to the class without being distracted. It is recommended to adapt a space where you can study quietly.

Make use of each section and tool

Duolingo has a myriad of tools you can make the most of to improve your knowledge day by day without missing the smallest detail. Take time to discover each feature.

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