How to Get a Cheap World of Warcraft Monthly Subscription – WoW Subscription

The designers of World of Warcraft have kept millions of players attracted to this game for more than 15 years, and its popularity has increased their subscriptions more and more. Surely if you are a fan of the game, the cost of these subscriptions may not seem like much. Although it has a lot to do with the country where you are, since the quota of these subscriptions It is originally in Euros.

However, there are ways to access the game without affecting your economy so much. And this is where cards that contain game time or subscriptions come in. Although if you want to pay a fast and long-lasting subscription, it is best that you follow the advice that we will give you later.

WoW subscription

There are several subscription methods to be able to enjoy World of Warcraft. It is a payment from time to time which the user chooses at the time of subscribing. This has the option to cancel the payment every month, every three months or every six months, for these options you can add a credit card.

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It is normal that if you add a credit card as a payment method, you will be charged a minimum amount for the first two or three days to verify that it is a genuine credit card.

In the same way, if the player does not want to cancel a recurring subscription, he has another option and that is that he can add one prepaid card, and if it is used to cancel two or more subscriptions, these will not be charged until the prepayment time has elapsed.

Another option to pay a subscription is using the Blizzard balance cards in order to play World of Warcraft. These can be found in any of the authorized stores and not only work for World of Warcraft but for whatever game is on your list. It is important that the card code has been activated by the seller and that it also matches your region or country, otherwise it will be useless.

If you can’t pay for a subscription, with your Blizzard credit card, you can buy time for World of Warcraft. This way you will have a certain amount of time to play freely. You can also gift this game time to other players.

How much does the monthly fee for World Of Warcraft cost?

The cost of World of Warcraft subscriptions is based solely on the time for which it will be paid. That is, the one-month subscription has a not very high cost, the three-month subscription has a lower cost than the one-month one, and the six-month subscription is the cheapest of the subscriptions, having a lower cost than the two. previous years, saving around two one-month subscriptions.

The cost of these subscriptions certainly varies in each country, since their original charge is in Euro currency, when making the change to the currency of each country, you can alter the price. But in general, they are not very high costs for the amount of time that you will be able to enjoy this game.

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Currently with the subscription you have access to all World of Warcraft games, although this does not have the most current version, that is, the Retail. To be able to access this you will have to buy this version of World of Warcraft so that when you have game time you can enjoy this version.

How to get cheap World of Warcraft monthly subscription?

To get access to the World of Warcraft game you need to pay a subscription or purchase it; you can achieve this through internet stores. You can also access the game for a limited time using the World of Warcraft card code; these are generally sold relatively cheaply in some internet stores. These offer enjoyment of the game for 30 or 60 days.

The cheapest store is Blizzard. You can even get discounts and offers on World of Warcraft time cards; and pay for a limited subscription or game time.

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