How to Get a Fire Truck in GTA 5? – Grand Theft Auto 5 (Example)

If you can drive so many different vehicles why not a fire truck in GTA 5? The short answer is simple: Of course you can drive a fire truck! How not to do it? This is GTA 5, anything is possible! Do not forget. Don’t just limit yourself to the fire truck, with GTA5 you can handle many other flashy means of transportation like a tank or a helicopter.

Now, getting it ultimately may present some other complication, but if this is your aspiration, here you will find a couple of solutions. Do not stay with the desire and find out how to get this fun vehicle to walk “quietly” around the city and fulfill your childish whims.

The mission of the fire truck in GTA 5

As you read it, within the story mode you will find a mission that will present you with several alternatives for its completion. One of them is by using one of these vehicles for which you must first obtain a fire truck in GTA 5. This mission is assigned by Lester Crest to Michael de Santa only if the Firefighter option is chosen for the Mission “Assault the FBI”.

The goal is simply to get hold of a fire truck regardless of your method and deliver it to the right place. It should be noted that if you hit the truck too much and it arrives unusable you will fail the mission, on the contrary, if you deliver it without a scratch you will get an additional achievement. So now you know, to achieve it you better focus on the goal and leave the high-risk walks around the city for another time.

armed men

Get a fire truck in GTA 5

There is a small chance that you will see this vehicle on the streets of Los Santos, but relying on chance does not make much sense. Much better is to resort to either of these two suggested methods:

The fire station

As simple as it sounds, the best thing you can do is head to the fire station and check how much you have reached the resources of the city for. The fire station is located in Rockford hills and there you can enter and take your new transport without major complications.

Of course, remember that the truck will not be yours, so it will surely be reported to the police leading to some type of persecution. Surely this will not be a problem, with your new truck you will surely know how to mislead your followers, remember that it is a fairly sturdy vehicle.

911 what is your emergency?

Another way even more creative and perhaps less problematic, is to ask that your fire truck be taken in GTA 5 to the comfort of your home. This is as simple as make a call and order your truck at home.

Do not you believe it? You just have to access the mobile phone in the game and call emergencies. Once they answer you, they will give you several options and you only have to choose the one that corresponds to the fire service.

Once this is done, you must wait a reasonable time according to your distance from the fire station. Remember Do not move from the area where you are because that is where the truck will go. When it arrives, it will park nearby and you only have to take it to use it for a better purpose.

red truck

You can simply approach to strip the driver or opt for a more aggressive measure, finishing with him first for more safety. Now everything depends on your creativity and ability to flee the site and reach your destination.

Like when you take the truck from the fire station, surely with this method You will also be reported to the police. So get ready for a possible chase and take the opportunity to use the water hoses to your advantage.

Fire truck benefits

Is it worth the risk? It depends on the way each character plays of course, but ultimately robbing and taking over your truck will be quite fun. It is a large vehicle yes, but also powerful and resistant so you will have no problem “getting through” if there is a lot of traffic on the streets.

If you are a more traditional person, and you do not want to attract much attention driving a fire truck, here we have a list of the best race cars. If you want to buy cars, we recommend that you find a way to buy a garage to store your cars.

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