How to Get a Free Legendary Brawler in Brawl Stars Very Easy! (Example)

Get all the characters from Brawl stars It can be a bit of a difficult task, even more so if we are newbies or new players. But do not worry.! We will explain to you how to get a free legendary brawler in this game.

With this in mind, it is necessary that you have a good team with the best characters and brawlers in this fascinating game, it can ensure you victories and rewards faster than you think. But getting the best of the best is not always as easy as it sounds.

A team infallible or very strong, must have at least one legendary character. However, getting these characters for free can cost us a bit; This is because there is a great variety of characters and these go from the mythical to the epic.

Entering the matter, we will show you how can you get a legendary brawler free in Brawl Stars, so you can complete your dream team.

How to get a free legendary brawler

The first thing you should know is that there is no definitive method that will help you get a legendary character, although it is true that you can increase the probability, it is also true that you will have to depend a bit on luck.

We currently have two methods that will help you in increasing the legendary probability. Each of these methods can serve you in a great way, not only to get legendary characters, also singular, epic among others.

free brawl stars characters

Method One: Get Legendary Brawler with Trophies

The first method is based on win games and get all the trophies you can. With each game won, the same game system will increase the legendary probability; remember this “if you want the best, you must be the best.”

So, from now on, focus on win the highest number of games you can to get more trophies.

Method Two: Get Rare Characters

This method is infallible to qualify for a legendary character. Why? Because having weird characters, Legendary chance is greatly increased; especially if these are mythical or unique.

It’s all about playing and build the whole clan of specific breeds (the more special the better). If you do, you are just one step away from claiming your legendary prize.

You must start with a scale of positions, if you get common characters and weapons their entire race, this will give way to more rare characters. In turn, assembling a whole clan of rare characters will give way to even rarer characters, until you reach the legendary family.

It should be noted that you will have to to depend a little luck. However, the same game system will help you get these characters. So if you have a bad streak, don’t despair; the game will reward you greatly with events.

Mysterious boxes

We all know that the easiest method to get rare characters is through the mystery boxes. So, if you have the opportunity to obtain a significant amount of them, do not hesitate for a moment.

If you want to get a important number of mystery boxes, you just have to get as many event tickets as you can. Once you have a minimum of 20 boxes, you can participate in the robotic fighting mode.

There you can bet the largest amount of possible ticket. With this, we are going to multiply the tokens that we can obtain and in this way, we can exchange them for a new number of mystery boxes and increase the legendary probability.

banana king in brawl stars

You can too defeat a boss and become the leader of the area to get more tickets. But, if after being the boss you are defeated, you will lose all the tickets that you have collected. It is already your decision whether you want to take a risk or not.

This way you can increase the probability legendary in-game did you think it would be easy? Well it is not, but not impossible. So put together your best team and start the way to get your legendary character.

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