How to Get All Brawl Stars Characters – Tips and Tricks

For many years now, video games are no longer exclusive to consoles, and through the manufacture and development of mobile devices, it is possible to enjoy the amazing games, as is Brawl Stars, which you can live incredible adventures with prizes that will help to get all its characters.

From the smallest to the oldest, from the comfort of home, in free time from work or while waiting for a consultation or appointment, for all those who want get away from reality a bit and have a moment of relaxation and for those people who need a means of entertainment to make the wait more pleasant, video games are ideal.

The best categories

For years, categories of strategy, sports and action, Regardless of their characteristics: graphics, space, the possibility of playing them offline, multiplayer, it is proven that they are the categories most visited by users.

However, it is not easy to choose within these categories. There is a countless extraordinary games worth trying. But, when selecting which one is the best, the task is really hard for some … but here things will simplify a bit for you.

It’s time to try Brawl Stars

It doesn’t take too many pretexts to rank Brawl Stars among the best action games for mobile devices. It has it all: multiplayer mode, sharing with different players from different corners of the world, shooting and incredible characters.

time to try Brawl Stars

It not only saves action, but also strategy. So patience and organization are fundamental aspects to achieve victory over your enemies.

The game is suitable for ages 7 and up. In addition, it has versions for Android devices, as well as for devices with an iOS operating system. In addition to this, if that were not enough, it is also possible to play Brawl Stars on the PC online with your keyboard and mouse.

Necessary warnings!

This game is really awesome and you will surely love it. However, if you have a son or a daughter and you are concerned that there is a certain degree of addiction to this game, it is important that you take into account the restraining measures the device has to set a usage limit.

First steps

Returning to the extraordinary world of Brawl Stars, if you are starting to explore this game, it is essential that you take into consideration some aspects that will help you have a good performance in every game.

The first thing is that you explore the characteristics and abilities of the characters that, in the beginning, are available to you, since their mobility, resistance, aim, among other aspects, are what will make you stand out among colleagues and rivals.

Atrapagemas, robbery, brawl ball, explore the different Brawl Stars game modes to find out which one you stand out in best or which one becomes your favorite. Take your time and most importantly: have fun.

All the Brawlers you want

All the Brawlers you want

The most important thing, in addition to winning, for many of the people who are part of the Brawl Stars community, is having a large number of characters, also known as Brawlers. At first, you will be limited, but as you start accumulating victories, you will be able to acquire many more characters.

Obtaining methods

What are the most effective ways to achieve this goal? In a simple and safe way, here you have the different ways to get all the Brawl Stars characters.

  • Trophies: Win and accumulate trophies to unlock amazing characters such as Nita (10 trophies), Bull (60 trophies), Jessie (500 trophies), Bo (3000 trophies), among others.
  • Brawl Boxes: These boxes can be obtained by playing games, however, most of them contain tokens and coins, you will rarely find characters. In the same way, through the trophies, you can acquire Brawl boxes that could contain interesting Brawlers for you.
  • Buy in stores: But the most striking, rare or super Rare Brawlers are in the store through the gems and taking advantage of attractive offers.

Start acquiring them!

With these alternatives, it only remains for you collect the most trophies and gems possible to get absolutely all the characters Brawl Stars puts at your disposal. Time to have fun and get the best brawlers!

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