How to Get All Skins, Achievements and Trophies in ARK: Survival Evolved Very Easy!

ARK teaches us to survive, like any current game, it offers us a system of rewards and achievements, When completing various tasks, this in turn is something that has been implemented, for a long time and ARK and its other independent games could not be the exception, in the game there is a great variety of achievements, some are more difficult to get others.

Which leads us to play the game for many hours, in order to reach the maximum level achievements, for each achievement that we complete, be it the most basic, even the most difficult, they will give us as a reward, trophies and skins to customize our character, achievements are classified into “gold, silver and bronze”.

What are Bronze Achievements and how to get them?

The tricks in this category are a total of 3 and are the most basic of the game, they can be obtained almost at the beginning of the game and when performing basic tasks, the first of these is the achievement of successfully overcoming a whole day in ARK, it is achieved being able to spend a day and a night alive, having to search for food on the island. This will give you the skin “torch”.

The other two achievements have an affinity with each other, since to achieve one you need the other first, the first is based on master your first dinosaur, which you will do aggressively, attacking him, for this you must first make basic weapons, so that you can have some opportunity.

man glad to get ark skins or trophies

Once we have the previous achievement completed, and we ride on our dinosaur for the first time, the achievement of “Our first trip”, and with this you will have the 3 most basic achievements of the game, do not forget to save the game at the end of completing any of these achievements.

What are Silver Achievements and how to get them?

These achievements of ARK are achieved both day and night, they are a bit harder to get than the previous ones, we will start with the so-called Rider of Rex “, this will be given to us when we manage to tame and ride our first” T-Rex “, in doing so they will give us the fireworks skin.

To do this we can help ourselves with a command from the game, first we locate our objective and enter “force me”, This will make it tame immediatelyWe can mount it and it will be ours.

A similar trophy is the one they give us to tame a Giganotosaurus, we must also locate it on the map and use the command to make it docile immediately, it will unlock the achievement Giga Rider ”, will give us the skin“ Roca ”, then the last two achievements in this category require a lot of experience.

Must manage to take our dinosaur to the maximum levelIt can be done with anyone we have, and the other is to take our player to the maximum level (level 105), to do this immediately we can help ourselves with a command that the game offers us, “addexperience 10000000 0 1”, for the first, we have to do the command mounted on the dinosaur. This will give us the “censorship” skin, a beard and a hairstyle.

What are the gold category achievements and how to get them?

The achievements shown here are the most difficult and will take us the most time, starting with the achievement “veteran paleontologist”, this is achieved by finding all the reports scattered around the island, another is “artifact archaeologist”, to get this you can use the command “Summon artifactcrate N c”, changing the “N by a number from 1 to 9.

categories of skins or ark trophies

After, there is 3 achievements what is achieved by killing bosses, or special enemies, you must kill the “huge spider”, kill the “dragon” and finally the Megapithecus, these will not be an easy task and we will release the following prizes in order, the skin “witch”, skin “clown” and for last the skin “santa claus”. Once defeated the 3 enemies will give us the achievement “evolved survivor”, as a bonus.

There are two achievements that will give us when traveling the map, we must climb the highest mountain, reach the seabed, and explore at least 90% of the entire map, they will give us the “hunter” skin, 2 hairstyles and the candy cane.

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