How to Get and Cook Food in Rust – Learn to Hunt and Cook

After finding stone, minerals and wood in Rust, it becomes absolutely necessary to know how to get and cook food in Rust – Learn to hunt and cook, in order to survive in this intense game.

Places to get and cook food in Rust

There are many places where you can find food, but focus on a few specific ones will make things much easier. Also remember that getting scrap in Rust in addition to other actions are extremely important to the game. Consider the following to find food in Rust.

Streams of water

Undoubtedly one of the best places to find food is in the streams. Locating them is very easy, just look at the map and see carefully those places where there are rivers of water.

Various fruits and vegetables tend to accumulate around rivers, for example, it is very common find corn, pumpkins and more food like that, in turn clear of the vital liquid (water).

Hunt animals

As you can imagine, the one that is possibly the best source of food in the game is the animals. For this reason, knowing how to hunt is almost a requirement if you intend survive in rust. When it comes to hunting animals, the best weapon to start with is a bow, so carry a bow whenever you plan to hunt.

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In any case, a bow is not the only thing you will need, it is also essential to have a knife or cutting tool. You will need it for cut the meat and the rest of elements that can be extracted from animals. That’s right, animals don’t just provide meat, they can also give you bones and even fat, which has multiple purposes in Rust.

Cooking food is highly recommended

If you want to take advantage of the meat you get, you will need to cook it. For this, you can use a Grill / barbecue. In any case, for this process it will be necessary get wood or charcoal.

You can also use bonfires to cook your food, as for the expense of supplies, for a piece of food you should not spend more than 3 units of wood. In fact, when cooking food you should not go overboard, since you could burn it and lose it.

Other ways to feed and search for food in Rust

Certainly there are many aspects that must be considered in Rust, so we will show you other ways to find food. Similarly, if you are a newbie and questions arise as to how to change the gender or race of your Rust character, it is something that we can also answer you, but for now we will focus on food.

Water is essential

Just like in real life, in Rust water is essentialTherefore, try to constantly search for water. In fact, if you have very low life, drinking water will help you raise it to a certain point.

Search in abandoned service stations and supermarkets

Another way to find food is by visiting abandoned places that can be found throughout the map. Indeed, service stations and supermarkets they usually have food supplies that we can use at any time.

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To do this, check the various “boxes” that can be found in these establishments. On many occasions you can find bars of various foods. It is not the best option to find food, but if you are near one of these places, do not let it go.

Garbage piles

It might sound far-fetched, but garbage piles are also useful for finding food. In the event that you come across a pile of garbage, come closer and look carefully in order to find blue / green boxes. Many times these boxes contain food that you can consume.


In open spaces, fungi are very difficult to find, but on the other hand in wooded places, they are relatively abundant. Mushrooms are an active food source for emergency circumstances. In any case, does not have enough calories to be useful in the long run.

Finally, don’t forget how important it is to create your own shelter to protect yourself in Rust, but you also have to learn how to remove buildings in Rust; demolishing walls and other similar actions are also very important.

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