How to Get and Have More Stone in Boom Beach What is the Power Stone?

Boom Beach is a game developed by Supercell, the Finnish company responsible for titles such as ClashRoyale and Clash of Clans, which joins these video games by being available for devices with Android and iOS operating system, and was launched on the mobile application market in 2014.

Since its launch year, it has been part of the top 10 in 22 countries around the world, and has a gameplay similar to Clash of Clans, where troops must attack neighboring islands from other users, although it has more features that make it totally different from the latter.

Initially, you will be awarded an island of the archipelago in which you will have to build buildings that allow you to defend it from enemy attacks, such as an armory, a headquarters, among other properties that you can unlock as you level up.

For these constructions, you will need resources that are available throughout the island, such as stone, gold, and wood in the most basic levels, and as they increase, you will need to find and use iron to improve your defenses and attack skills. .

This video game also has its own currency, called “Diamonds”, Which can be obtained in different ways, but generally, buying with real money, although they also tend to appear randomly in boxes throughout our map.

The use of diamonds allows you to streamline and advance the creation of your buildings, as well as the creation of topas to attack, and what is more important: the purchase of resources that will help you to quickly raise the levels of your buildings; the only thing you can’t buy with them are military information and power stones.

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The stones and their use

Although the aforementioned natural resources appear randomly in the environment, it is possible that at certain levels, you can create a factory that will grant them out of nowhere, as for example at level 7, you get the opportunity to create the quarry, but first you must have headquarters at level 6.

You should also know that you can obtain stones during battles, having your avatars work on your island in exchange for a specific amount of gold, or in a much more interesting way: capturing resource bases from others. rival players, and this you can achieve by improving your radar.

These specific resources are used to visually improve your buildings, granting greater strength that makes them resistant to enemy attacks, and a pleasant appearance to the eye; These resources are common and basic in the game, however, there are others that are much more interesting to obtain.

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The Power Stones

Power stones come under the concept of magical items that give greater value to your base of operations, and are divided into four types of magic stones with a respective color: magma stones, red, ice, which are blue, life and dark, which are green and purple respectively.

The main function of these stones, apart from generate interest and visual impact In the players, it is that they grant the ability to make statues that will also give different abilities to your island, and as you play, you can obtain parts of it, a complete one, or even in the form of crystals, giving you the opportunity to create various structures.

The ways to find these stones are varied, and you can do it by attacking the headquarters other players in your archipelago, as well as visiting different areas: for example, visiting the base of the Dr. T, Dark stones will be visible, while in areas like the south, you will find magma stones and ice stones as far north as allowed by the map.

You can also increase your chances of finding them by creating a Power Stone Chance Statue, using only dark stones obtained in the base of Dr. T, or finding treasures submerged in the sea with the submarine; but for the latter you will need your headquarters to be.

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